Cleaning Tips for Fresh Clean Pillows

How should you wash your pillows? How do you remove the yellow stains? How to make them fresh, white and clean like new again?

With the aid of this article, you will know some of the best housekeeping tricks that will answer the questions in your mind. Check out these easy tips that you can do at home to enjoy sleeping with your old-new clean pillows.

Consider the Pillow Material

Cleaning procedures vary depending on the material. The two cleaning methods are (1) using washing machine and (2) manual.

Most pillows are made of cotton, down and synthetic materials. Use your washing machine for these. Pillows made of memory foam and other types of foam should be washed manually in a basin or tub.

Using your Washing Machine

Start by removing the pillowcases or shams. Wash these separately and more often, just like your bed sheets, blankets and comforters.

For standard-sized washing machines, put two pillows at a time as this can help in balancing the load. Add your usual detergent.

For better cleaning, you may add other solutions that can actively remove stains. Others use materials that are readily available at home, such as dishwashing liquid, bleach and borax.

Use warm water to clean the pillows more thoroughly. To make sure that you remove all the soap and dirt, set your washing machine to rinse the pillows twice.

You can use the dryer to dry the pillows. After this, you can enjoy your fresh, white and clean pillows.

Watch the video in this article to see the actual cleaning of pillows using a washing machine. Also, learn practical tips and housekeeping hacks to keep your pillows good as new.

Manually Washing your Pillows

Foam pillows are more delicate than other materials. Washing machines make foams rough, so you need to clean them manually.

This method will take more time and effort. If you have a lot of foam pillows to wash, consider getting help or dividing the task into different days to avoid fatigue.

Fill your tub, sink or basin with water. Add your liquid detergent with the ratio of one tablespoon for each pillow.

Put your pillow in and toss and turn it around. Massage and squeeze to make the dirt come out and let the detergent seep through the inside of the pillow.

Once you are done, rinse the detergent off and make sure all the soap is gone. This may take more time than washing it.

The pillow will get heavy as it absorbs water. Treat the chore as a workout for your arms and just have fun.


If you can’t use a washing machine to clean them, you can’t use a dryer to dry them either. Sun-drying your foam pillows is the best way to do it.

However, if you don’t have a space outside, you can do it indoors. Lay it out on a clean sheet or towel in a dry area and wait until it is ready for use.

Check the Label

Always check the care label attached to the pillow before washing it. It contains all important information about the cleaning or washing method needed.

Why Clean your Pillows?

Aside from dust mites, you need to wash pillows because of sweat. If you think they don’t get much germs or dirt, think again. Don’t put off washing them when you know you should.

Pillows can also be carriers of bacteria that can harm your skin. A lot of dermatologists associate some skin diseases like acne to unhygienic sleeping space. To avoid this, wash your pillows regularly and also your pillowcases.

How Often should you Wash your Pillows?

It is advisable to wash your pillows at least twice a year or every six months. However, if you live in a warmer climate, you will have to wash them more frequently.

How to Know if it’s Time to Toss them?

You will know when it’s time to replace your pillows when the material is too weak to survive the washing machine. Try folding the pillow into half and when you see that it can hardly straighten, chances are, it’s already worn out.

Recycle Old Pillows

Avoid throwing your pillows away. Recycle old pillows by covering them with a more durable material. You may also use these as beddings for your pets.

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