How To Use A Body Pillow

Are you interested to learn proper ways to use a body pillow? What are its health benefits? What are the different types of body pillow, and how can you find the right one for you?

I’m ecstatic to share with you the answers to the questions above through this article. Read on, so you will know exactly how to use a body pillow to sleep better at night.

Body Pillow 101

A body pillow is a big, sometimes mattress-sized, pillow that provides extra support, relief and comfort to your body. It varies in type, size, material, price, color, shape, and functionality.

How it Works

Body pillow is strategically shaped and molded to support your back, arms and legs. It helps prevent or relieve body pains. It relaxes your muscles and joints, and offer support on pressure points, like the knees and elbows.

There are different types of body pillow that cater to different sleeping positions such as back, side and stomach. Each type provides relief to specific body parts.

Using Body Pillow for a Good Night Sleep

Your conventional pillows are designed to support only your neck and head. The rest of your body parts are left in uncomfortable positions that cause you pain and strain.

Body pillow gives you the feeling of ultimate support and comfort at night. It helps you sleep faster, better and longer as you feel more relaxed and rested.

Get more tips in effectively using a body pillow from the YouTube video indicated below this article. It discusses various sleeping positions and the corresponding body pillow shape needed.

Types of Body Pillow and Choosing the Right One for You

The right body pillow for you can give you the stress relief that you’ve been dreaming of. Choose one, which perfectly fits your preferences and sleeping style.

Consider your usual sleeping position and the body pains that you want to relieve. Consider the materials, texture and level of firmness that you want.

Use body pillows made of premium quality materials. Some of the high quality materials you can choose from are buckwheat, down alternative, polyester, and memory foam.

Choose hypoallergenic pillows to avoid any respiratory or skin problems. Always read the label attached to the pillow just to make sure that it is hypoallergenic.

The most common body pillows available in the market are shaped like the letters “U” and “I”. Here is a short guide on how to properly use them:


It provides support to your front and back when sleeping on your side. You can also rest your head on its top corner.

This type of body pillow prevents you from tossing and turning. It cuddles your whole body, thereby giving you a more relaxed and calm state of mind.

Body pillows can consume big spaces especially with a partner or spouse in the bed. Get at least a queen-sized bed or bigger so you can sleep without worrying about the space.


This is a full length body pillow, which is capable of supporting various parts of your body. These include your spine, upper extremities or your arms and lower extremities or legs.

I-shaped is highly recommended for those who are frequently sleeping on their side and on their stomach. It distributes the weight and improve blood circulation.

Sleeper Tips

Back position is the most common sleeping style. A wise tip is to place a pillow under the knees to reduce pressure on the spine.

Side sleepers should keep their body positioned in a horizontal line to avoid strains. It is advisable to put a firm pillow between your knees to prevent pains in your hips and lower back.

Stomach position is not an advisable sleeping style. However, if you cannot avoid it, you should put a pillow under the hip to relieve pain on lower back and neck.

Other Health Benefits

Stress relief is one of the most common reasons why people use body pillows. Studies show that the more comfortable the body is during sleep, the more energized and mentally alert the person is during the day.

This special type of pillow also helps properly aligning the joints in shoulders, hips and spine. This is ideal for those who plan to maintain and correct their body posture.

Body pillow also lessens snoring. It keeps you from sleeping flat on your back, and helps you sleep on your side more frequently.


Was this article helpful to you? Everyone needs to get a restful sleep every night, and body pillow is a huge help in achieving it. Please leave your comments, questions or stories down below.

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