5 Natural Life Hacks to Sleep Longer

Do you want to know the secrets on how to sleep longer? Do you often experience sleep interruptions? Do you want to learn about the natural ways that can help you get sounder and longer sleep?

You’ve come to the right page! I’m excited to share with you a bunch of my own sleeping hacks that worked for me. Here’s a list of 5 techniques to sleep longer.

Schedule Workouts Properly

Never exercise at least 3 hours before bedtime. Working out during this time may only cause your brain to be hyperactive due to adrenaline rush.

A highly active brain will give you a hard time falling and staying asleep. It is advisable to schedule your gym session or any exercise in the morning or in the afternoon. There should be a wide gap from your bedtime schedule.

Set Your Routine Straight

Schedule your bedtime and follow the same routine everyday. This helps you develop a sleeping pattern that your brain can easily follow and get used to.

Establishing a schedule will allow your mind and body to start getting relaxed or sleepy when it knows it’s time. Try to be consistent with this routine.

Keep Those Alarm Clocks Away

If you don’t have an important schedule the next day, turn off the alarm. However, if you really have to wake up at a certain time, keep away the devices that may disturb your sleep.

Put your phone in silent mode to prevent yourself from waking up unnecessarily due to push notifications. Same goes with your other devices, like tablets or iPads.

Rethink Your Bed

Are you sure you’re 100% comfortable with your mattress, sheets, pillows, and pillow cases? Make your bed comfortable enough and enjoy longer and more restful sleep.

Keep your bed clean and fresh by regularly washing them. Wash your pillows at least twice a year. Change your covers and pillow cases at least every three weeks.

You can try sleeping with body pillows. They give additional support and comfort, thereby offering instant relief from stress and body pain.

You can also try sleeping in different positions. You may have your usual sleeping style but trying out a different one can help you feel more at ease.

More Relaxation for Better and Longer Sleep

The more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the less likely your sleep will get interrupted. Before sleeping, remove any disturbing thoughts, worries, stimulating ideas or anything that may excite you.

It helps to hear a relaxing music or smell a soothing scent, so you will feel more relaxed. This will help you get a deeper sleep and feel more rested in the morning.

Lose the baggy pajamas and night gowns if you feel uncomfortable wearing them. Try to sleep light by wearing comfortable and light clothes.

If you are suffering from common sleep problems, like snoring, excessive sleep talking, or sleep walking, it is best to consult your doctor about it.

Watch an informative video, which will let you know some important things you can do to prepare your body, mind and your surroundings to get longer sleep.

Discover other practical sleeping hacks that you can integrate in your lifestyle. This can also help you form habits that relieve stress.

Be Careful with your Food and Beverage Intake

Avoid drinking before bed. Liquor makes you feel groggy while also lessening the quality of sleep, especially when the effect of the alcohol is out.

Alcohol can also make you feel too tired in the morning. It would be better to drink tea or warm water before sleeping as this is more relaxing.

You should also refrain from smoking before bed. It delays your sleep and just like alcohol, it lessens the quality of rest that you get.

An obvious no-no is caffeine. Avoid drinking coffee at least four to six hours before bed. This will prevent you from experiencing the stimulating effects of coffee.

Avoid eating a heavy dinner, as well. A heavy dinner can make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. Your sleep may even be disrupted, especially if you suffer from stomach cramps because of it.

Drink less fluids to avoid peeing frequently at night. However, drinking a lot of water during the day is crucial as it aids in proper hydration.

Did you enjoy this article? Knowing how you can sleep longer is an important way to get more rest and energy to do things you love during the day. Please leave a comment, question or anything at all that you want to share down below.

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