5 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster Than Ever Before

Are you presently in search of ways to sleep fast? Are there things in your bedroom or any other activities that are preventing you from falling asleep fast? What are lifestyle hacks you can do to sleep fast?

This guide aims to share effective sleeping hacks that can help you sleep faster. Say goodbye to frustration just because your mind keeps on wandering late at night. Fall asleep faster with these easy tips.

#1 Take a Nice shower or Bath

Most people feel more comfortable at bedtime after cleaning themselves. While you may be doing this already, you can try to add other relaxing things in the process.

Try to play a calming music during your shower or bath, spray a scent of lavender or other preferred scent, or use a soothing body scrub, soap, lotion or perfume.

Try taking a bath more often. It is more relaxing than taking a shower and it allows your mind to cool down after a long day.

#2 Get Comfortable

Many times, people can’t fall asleep because their bed and surroundings are not comfortable enough. This can be due to the mess in the bedroom, foul odor, or too much noise and light.

If the factors affecting your comfort are within your control, do something about them. Try making your bedroom a more conducive space for relaxation.

Lights keep the brain alert and awake. Fall asleep faster by turning off the lights all the way when it is time for you to go to bed.

However, if you are someone who can’t fall asleep with the lights off, then you can just try using dimmed lights. Dimming the lights can make your bedroom cozier and more relaxing.

Another tip is to keep the room temperature cool enough. Hot climate or lack of ventilation causes discomfort. If it’s really hot in your area, use covers and blankets made of cool materials to ease the temperature.

Wash your mattress, pillow, pillowcases, blankets and comforters regularly. It is also advisable to keep your carpet, bedside table, curtains and ceilings clean. This can make you feel more comfortable while in bed.

Watch out for insects that may be causing you discomfort. Maintain clean surroundings to prevent insects and pests, such as mosquitoes, cockroach, ants and bedbugs.

#3 Avoid Worries, Anxieties, Stimulating or Disturbing Thoughts

As the cliché goes, “It’s all in the mind”. Train your brain to stay relaxed once you are in bed and remove any unnecessary worries and thoughts.

Avoid doing any other activities in your bed aside from sleeping. These include working on your laptop, eating, watching TV or using your gadgets.

Assign a different working space for your other activities to prevent yourself from doing them in bed. This works in training your mind to enter a state of relaxation whenever you are in bed.

Sometimes, some things keep on entering your mind whenever you are about to sleep. While this is completely common and normal, you can learn how to control it.

Set a different time of the day to think about some thoughts like business ideas, gossips, and work or school stuff. Don’t think anything else aside from sleep. This way, you can teach your brain that bedtime is bedtime.

If all else fail, you can try to count sheep. This is an old trick but it works. This will keep your mind off of other things while also slowing down your brain activity.

#4 Never Look at the Clock

Looking at the clock, especially when you can’t fall asleep, will only worsen things. This will just make you feel pressured that you are still not asleep.

If you want to sleep fast, avoid making the act of falling asleep your main goal; it should be utmost relaxation. This prevents you from pressuring yourself to sleep, causing only agitation and more brain activities.

Keep calm and stay relaxed and avoid minding the clock. The only time you should look at a clock is when you have to turn off the alarm in the morning.

#5 Remove your Gadgets

It turns out that gadget screens, through their back light, send signals to the brain that it should stay awake. Avoid using your gadgets because their lights may only cause your brain to be highly active.

Gadgets delay your sleep even when you’re not using the device anymore. Discipline yourself and try to refrain from using any gadget from half to one hour before your target bedtime.

Learn more techniques and sleep hacks from the video in this article. It discusses the usual struggles linked to not falling asleep fast at night and some easy steps you can do.

Did you enjoy the tutorial? The list of tips stated here are extremely important in getting a complete sleep and waking up fully rejuvenated. For comments or questions, post them in the comments section. Share this to others, as well, so you can also help them fall asleep better and faster.

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