How to Clean and Care For Your Mattress

Research shows that 318 months of an average person’s life is spent in the bed. It is therefore important to learn how to clean a mattress.

Below are some steps you can easily follow to get rid of accumulated dirt such as food crumbs, dead skin cells, pet hairs, and sometimes, even bed bugs.


The vacuum is your best weapon here. It can remove all the dust and dirt in your mattress that have accumulated over time.

In doing this, pay attention to every seam and crevice, as these are the places that contain the most dirt.

Do not forget to vacuum both sides of your mattress since dust can also be collected from under your bed.

After you’re done, it’s best to dispose of your vacuum’s filter and bag to prevent the dust and mold spores from leaking out the next time you use your vacuum.


Sometimes, vacuuming alone is not enough. Over time, dirt gets accumulated deep within the mattress which can no longer be reached by the vacuum.

This is where your next weapon comes in. All you need in this step is a box of baking soda.

However, if you’d like to deodorize your mattress as well, you may also add 10-20 drops of your chosen essential oil.

This will not only freshen up your bed and help lull you to sleep, but it will also aid in the cleaning process due to its naturally antibacterial properties.

Simply mix the two ingredients together and shake thoroughly to get rid of the small clumps caused by the oil.

After this, sprinkle the baking soda all over the bed, paying attention again to all the crevices, corners, and seams.

Spend at least half an hour massaging the mixture thoroughly to make sure it really gets absorbed by the mattress.

Leave the mixture for an hour or two. After this, simply use your vacuum to remove all the leftover baking soda.

Stain Removal

For stains, you can use vinegar or a citrus-type cleaner, like a lemon liquid dish soap. The high acidity of both ingredients will help reduce the stain.

Pour either of these in a spray bottle and simply spray on the stained area. Let it set for a few minutes then blot using a clean, white and dry cloth.

Be careful when blotting the stains. Make sure not to rub as these can make the stain spread even more.


If possible, air out your mattress by bringing it outside and exposing it to direct sunlight for at least half a day.

This will not only deodorize and dry your mattress, it will also naturally eliminate bacteria, fungi, mold spores, and mildew.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

If you suspect your bed of having bed bugs, use a steamer to kill the bugs then vacuum it off to get rid of the eggs.

You can also use a sealed mattress cover to trap the bed bugs inside and starve and dehydrate them to death.

Wash all your linens using hot water and put it in the dryer on high heat. The heat and steam will help kill the bugs.

Make sure to clean your whole room since bed bugs can easily spread beyond the bed due to their ability to reproduce quickly.

If the infestation still persists, buy an insecticide that is safe and legal to use and spray it all over your mattress.

Follow these steps on how to clean a mattress for a more pleasant and peaceful night’s sleep. If you have any other ideas on how to do this, comment below. Please share this article too if you enjoyed it.

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