Best Travel Alarm Clock

Whether you’re an avid traveler or someone who travels for work, getting the best travel alarm clock benefits your lifestyle. If you need a clock that you can take anywhere, then these clocks will work well for you.

You don’t have to worry about packing travel alarm clocks in a suitcase because they are small and sturdy. They are also battery-operated and last a long time, so there is no need to worry about wires or outlets.

Travel Alarm Clock Reviews

HITO Atomic Bedside Desk Travel Alarm Clock


The HITO Atomic Bedside Desk clock eliminates the need to set the time yourself. It has a radio-controlled automatic update feature, which adjusts for Daylight Savings. Its large amber display shows the time, time zone, alarm status, date, and temperature.

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ZHPUAT 4.6″ Digital Alarm Clock


The ZHPUAT clock has a compact, minimalistic design and a large display. It features a smart backlight, which dims itself as it gets darker. It also has an alarm, which gradually increases in volume, thereby waking you up more naturally.

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Peakeep Loud Melody Alarm Clock


The Peakeep Loud Melody is ideal for heavy sleepers who sleep through alarm clocks. Every morning, it emits a soft blue light and shuffles through seven different melodies, making it more difficult to ignore than traditional alarms.

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Casio TQ140 Travel Alarm Clock


The Casio TQ140 is a simple analog travel alarm clock with a retro design. It has a 3-hand analog display and luminous hands and markers so you can set it in the dark.

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MARATHON CL030036WH Atomic Travel Alarm Clock


The Marathon CL030036WH Atomic Travel Alarm Clock allows you to switch it easily between six time zones and five languages. This makes it ideal for frequent travelers who constantly need to adjust the time.

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MARATHON CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock


The Marathon CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock is a compact alarm clock with a built-in stand. It has a snooze function. It allows you to immediately view the date and temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock


The Travelwey clock wakes you up gently with a soft alarm that gradually increases in volume for 30 seconds. It continues ringing until you turn it off or press the snooze button, which will ring the alarm every 5 minutes.

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Plumeet Digital Large LCD Easy Setting Travel Alarm Clock


The Plumeet Digital Alarm Clock is suitable for those who need a sturdy clock with simple features. Its shock-proof silicone cover makes it ideal for travel. It also has a large display, which is easy to read.

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Nyl Holdings Llc 47538A Travel Alarm Clock


The Nyl Holdings Llc 47538A Travel Alarm Clock is a digital alarm clock with simple controls. It has external buttons to set the alarm or change the time, and the snooze button is large and easy to reach from bed.

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RCA Digital Alarm Clock


The RCA Digital Alarm Clock is ideal for those who want a simple, minimalistic clock with a snooze function. It has an adjustable brightness setting. It also displays the time in a bright red color that is easy to see.

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Why Use Travel Alarm Clocks?

Getting a travel alarm clock will help you wake up early every day, no matter where you are. Whether you’re on vacation or on a business trip, they help you stay on top of your day.

Waking up early is highly beneficial

There are many positive effects to waking up early; you have more time to prepare for the day, get more things done, and enjoy your hobbies. It’s also good for your health, both physically and mentally.

Travel alarm clocks are portable

When traveling, you need to make the most out of your luggage space. Travel alarm clocks are portable and wire-free. They need only batteries to run and last a very long time.

You can use them anywhere

Travel alarm clocks don’t have to be used for travel. They’re also good for using at home too.

They are cordless, so you can put them anywhere in your room and leave your outlets available for your other gadgets. 

Travel alarm clocks are minimalist

Travel alarm clocks are functional objects that don’t take up much space on your bedside. They’re especially suitable for people who hate having wires and cords all over the place.

Features of Travel Alarm Clocks

There are a lot of travel alarm clocks to choose from, and they fit different needs.

Here are some features to look out for. Choose the ones you like the best or think you need and keep them in mind when searching for a travel alarm clock.


These kinds of alarm clocks are useful if you travel often. Radio-controlled alarm clocks automatically update the time via radio signals, so you don’t have to think about resetting it every time you change time zones.

Minimalist display

These clocks are sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and simple. If you’re not tech-savvy or just don’t need tons of features, look for alarm clocks that have a large display and simple controls.

Silicone or rubber casing

Alarm clocks with this type of case are more durable. You will need this feature if you plan to take your alarm clock with you on camping trips rather than just leaving it on your bedside.

Dynamic backlights

Most travel alarm clocks have adjustable brightness settings, but you want an alarm clock that automatically adjusts itself to the lighting of your room, look for an alarm clock with a smart or dynamic backlight.

You can also find different kinds of designs. If you prefer retro or vintage styles or sleek and minimalist ones, you’ll be able to find a travel alarm clock that suits your taste.

How to Select a Travel Alarm Clock

Travel alarm clocks are simple and useful devices. However, there are still some things to consider when buying one. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you make a purchase. 

How am I going to use it?

If your alarm clock is going to stay on your bedside at your hotel room or home, then you don’t really need to think about the casing or materials.

However, if you’re going camping and want something you can put in your backpack and not worry about, choose an alarm clock with a durable rubber case that can withstand being bumped around a few times. 

Am I a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?

Do you usually sleep through alarms or do you get up at the first ring? If you’re a heavy sleeper, look for loud alarms that cycle through various tones and melodies –the variety of sounds will be harder to ignore. 

What kind of features do I need?

If you’re someone who doesn’t travel, you probably don’t need a clock that displays the time zone and automatically updates using radio signals. Or maybe you’re a light sleeper who doesn’t need several different melodies and a light to wake up. 

Think about how the features fit into your life. For example, if you always check the weather, then getting an alarm clock that displays it for you would be useful. If not, then look for other features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Alarm Clocks

Travel alarm clocks are practical and useful devices to have, though not everyone uses them. Here are some frequently asked questions about travel alarm clocks and why they’re worth using.

How are travel alarm clocks different from regular alarm clocks?

You don’t have to worry about outlets or voltage with travel alarm clocks because they are battery operated. You can take them with you anywhere and are easier to pack than traditional alarm clocks.

How are travel alarm clocks different from the alarm function on my phone?

Some alarm clocks don’t just sound an alarm and display the time. With travel alarm clocks, you can see the date, weather, and temperature at a glance without having to unlock your phone.

Furthermore, many travel alarm clocks can also function as night lights. They can also be set to light up, which helps wake you up gradually. It also saves you from having to fumble for your phone in the morning.

Which is better, analog or digital?

Digital alarm clocks usually have more features because it can display more information. If you need a full-featured travel alarm clock with more options, digital is the best choice.

However, analog travel alarm clocks aren’t necessarily basic. Analog alarm clocks can also have backlights, rotating alarms, a snooze button, and other convenient features. Therefore, it’s mostly a matter of preference.