Best Sheets For Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are useful and versatile. However, to get the most out of your adjustable bed, you need the best adjustable sheets that fit your bed perfectly regardless of its position.

Good sheets for adjustable beds are comfortable and durable, and won’t slip nor fall off when you adjust your bed. For a good night’s sleep, good bedsheets are just as important as good mattresses.

Sheets For Adjustable Beds Reviews

LINENSPA Ultra-soft Sheet Set


This sheet set is made of fabric that is brushed on both sides to guarantee softness. It is hypoallergenic, wrinkle resistant and shrink resistant. It can also resist stains.

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USA Maine Bed Sheet


This bedsheet set is available in 4 elegant colors. It is made of 100% cotton. It has high quality elastic, which is sewn into it to ensure that it fits perfectly in your bed.

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Royal Hotel Split King Sheet


This bedsheet is made from pure rayon fabric derived from bamboo. It is much softer than cotton fabric. The set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases.

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Royal Hotel Stripe Split King Set


This bedsheet set is available in 14 classic colors. It is made of sateen weave 100% cotton fabric. The set includes one flat sheet, two fitted sheets and two pillowcases.

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Royal Tradition Deluxe Bed Sheet


This bedsheet set is available in 11 different colors, which will definitely complement any bedroom motif. It is made of 40% cotton and 60% viscose bamboo material.

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Elegant Bedding Egyptian Bed Sheet


This bedsheet set is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. It is smooth and soft because it comes with 800 Thread Count. It is available in 14 different colors.

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Elegant Bedding Percale Ivory Bed Sheet


This bedsheet set includes two fitted sheets – one flat sheet and two pillowcases. It is made of single ply, pure Egyptian cotton. It is durable, crisp and smooth.

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Malouf Double Brushed Bed Sheet


This bedsheet set has a breathable weave design. It’s made of double-brushed microfiber fabric. It is hypoallergenic and wrinkle-free. It’s also stain-resistant and dust mite resistant.

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Dream Fit World Class Sheet Set


This bedsheet set is made of 100% choice natural cotton material. You can expect it to stay in place while also fitting perfectly with your mattress.

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Royal Plush Egyptian Bed Sheet Set


This bedsheet set is made of pure Egyptian cotton. It has a smooth sateen weave. It can be machine-washed in cold water and dried in low-heat setting.

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Types of Sheets for Adjustable Beds

Beds that can be adjusted such as split king beds, electric bed mattresses, and inflatable beds usually have features that require a special type of bed sheet.

Owners of beds of this kind encounter problems when using regular bed sheets. For instance, when the top half of electric bed mattress is adjusted, the sheets can snap off.

It is a huge problem to keep the sheets in place but there are different types of sheets to cater to the unique needs of an adjustable bed.

Drawstring: One type of sheet for adjustable beds uses drawstrings to secure the sheets in place. The two end strings at the bottom of the sheet that can be tightened according to one’s preference.

Elastic strap edges: Another type of sheet for adjustable beds has elastic bands that surround the edges. This can prevent the sheet from snapping off the mattress.

Elastic with deep pockets: There are also available sheets for adjustable beds that have elastic bands on the edge with the additional feature of deep pockets.

How to Select Sheets for Adjustable Beds

Consider thread count: Thread count refers to the number of threads that can be found in every square inch of the sheets. Thread count can be found in a product description.

Thread count will determine the durability and smoothness of the fabric. Quality sheets start at about 180 thread count. Better quality sheets are at 200 thread count and above.

Consider the thread material: The material that the sheet is made of also adds to the comfort that the sheet can provide. Thread material can alter the quality even though sheets have the same thread count.

Consider the length, width, and depth: Choosing the perfect size for the mattress can result to a perfectly fitting sheet that isn’t likely to move or get bunched up. Sheets with deeper depth can hug the mattress.

Knowing the extra features of sheets for adjustable beds can be helpful. One of those features is the sewn top sheet and bottom sheet to prevent unwanted separation.

Another feature is the wings which are extra fabrics on the sheet that can be used for tightening. There are also anchor straps which are the elastic straps on the four corners of the sheet.

Tips on How to Use Sheets for Adjustable Beds

Looking for sheets that will fit perfectly to an adjustable bed can be challenging since sizes differ when the mattress is adjusted. First, know what size the mattress is.

Knowing the exact size of the mattress may not be enough to keep the sheet in place. There are different tools that will prevent the sheet from snapping off.

Use elastic suspenders: To keep sheets in place for a more perfect fit, elastic suspenders are the best ones to use. Most elastic suspenders should be bought separately.

Elastic suspenders come in different shapes and sizes. There are kinds of suspenders that are only for the edges of the sheets. There are also kinds that are for the whole length of the sheet.

Get the ones with deep pockets: Sheets with deep pockets will stay in place more compared to other types of sheets. It is best to use this sheet for thicker mattresses.

Get same size sheet: It is best if the same sheet size is bought for the same size mattress. For a queen size mattress, get a queen size sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sheets for Adjustable Beds

What material is best? This will depend on your preference. For a lighter and long-lasting type of fabric, cotton is the best choice. Get to know what type of cotton suits you.

Is thread count important? Thread count is the number of threads in a square inch of the sheet. Through this, the fabric’s smoothness and durability can be determined.

Are the sheets hard to put on compared to regular sheets? Some products provide a video demonstration on how to put on the sheets. The sheets are not as complicated to use.

Do elastic suspenders come with the sheets? In some cases, elastic suspenders should be bought separately as in the case of drawstring sheets. Elastic suspenders work well with almost all sizes of sheets.

Do the sheets come with matching pillow cases? Some manufacturers sell their sheets for adjustable beds in a package. It may come with pillow cases, top fitters, bottom fitters, and elastic suspenders.

Can I use regular sheets for adjustable beds? These kinds of bed require sheets that can stay in place when the mattresses are adjusted. You may try using fasteners or suspenders if regular sheets are the only ones available.