Best Reading Pillow

Ever find yourself constantly changing positions while trying to enjoy a book in bed? If so, then reading pillows may be what you need. Finding the best reading pillow for you will let you read comfortably in bed for hours.

Reading pillows will give you a firm place to lean on and support your back, neck, and arms. A good reading pillow allows you to focus on your book without having to change positions often.

Reading Pillow Reviews

Exceptional Sheets Reading Wedge Pillow

This oversized pillow is made of high quality hypoallergenic material. It is specifically designed for those who are suffering from acid reflux. It works well when you’re reading.

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Linenspa Foam Reading Pillow

This durable reading pillow is made of durable material. It is stuffed with shredded foam to allow proper airflow. Because of the foam shreds, you can mold it based on what’s comfortable for you.

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Kid’s Bed Lounge Reading Pillow

This kiddie pillow comes in three playful colors, making it work well for kids. It can ease the tension at the back and head while reading. Its cover is also removable and machine washable.

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Greendale Denim Reading Pillow

This classic reading pillow comes in four elegant colors. It is stain and water resistant. It is made of recycled polyester filling and pure nylon microfiber material.

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Relaximals Puppy Reading Pillow

This cute and fluffy reading pillow might be a good choice for children from 3 to 8 years old. It is made of soft and durable material. It also has a handle, making it easy to carry when traveling.

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Brentwood Purple Poodle Reading Pillow

This furry reading pillow is easy to clean and transport. You can use it to lounge indoors or relax outdoors. It provides comfort and support for the back while reading your favorite book.

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Relaximals Cat Reading Pillow

This adorable reading pillow is suited for children up to 8 years old. It is made of soft yet durable material, thereby providing comfort and support to your child’s neck and back.

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Sweet Home Ultra Plush Yellow Lounger

This plush reading pillow is made of imported microfiber material. It comes in 8 different colors to cater for both men and women. It is firm enough to support the back yet soft enough to provide comfort.

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Cut Faux Fur Reading Pillow

This chocolate brown reading pillow has a faux fur front and suede back. It is made of polyester and cotton material so it can support your posture while reading.

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Microsuede Purple Reading Pillow

This purple reading pillow supports the back and neck while reading. It provides firm and comfortable support because it is made of imported leather and polyester material.

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Types of Reading Pillows

Wedge Pillows – Shaped in a large wedge, these reading pillows support the upper back while reading. The entire upper body is elevated and at the same time, the lower body is gradually inclined.

Back and Arm Support Pillows – These reading pillows are fitted with two arm supports, combining back reinforcement with sides, thereby preventing further strain to the arms.

Triangle Pillows – While somewhat similar to the wedge pillow, triangle pillows have a wider base and a narrower top. This allows for the unique combination of lower back support and shoulder comfort.

V-shaped Pillows – V-shaped pillows are flat. You can twist and fold it to achieve the perfect support. It provides a unique adaptation to the usual bulky reading pillows.

Orthopedic Pillows – To encourage proper spine alignment, you can use orthopedic pillows. It often serves a dual purpose – both for sleeping normally and sitting up to read.

Three-Part Pillows – A three-part pillow supports not only the neck and back, but also the back of your legs. It provides a more comfortable position, similar to that provided by a hammock.

How to Select a Reading Pillow?

Pick the filling – The filling is responsible for the softness of the reading pillow. There are three types of filling in pillows – goose down, memory foam, and polyester filling.

Goose down is the softest, and retains warmth. For a customized pillow, memory foam specially molds into the user’s neck and back. Polyester provides best support and structure.

Pick the size – When choosing a reading pillow, the user should consider the bed that will host the pillow. Larger reading pillows won’t fit well on standard-sized mattresses.

The size of the reading pillow should also match the user’s frame. Larger people won’t be comfortable with a smaller reading pillow, nor should they be forced to use one.

Pick the type – Several types of reading pillows are currently available, with each one having its own distinct characteristics and functions. Some types of pillows specifically accommodate any special needs.

For users with back or neck problems, the orthopedic pillow is more beneficial. For those who prefer to read physical books, the reading pillow with arm supports is the more appropriate choice.

How to Maintain your Reading Pillow? Usage Do’s and Don’ts

DO use as instructed – Follow the recommended use and position of the reading pillow for best results. Small adjustments are usual, but major alterations are discouraged.

DON’T deform the pillow – Avoid any bending, twisting, folding, and squashing of the reading pillow, as this will render it less effective, if not completely unusable.

DO store when unused – To keep the reading pillow in its best quality, put it away properly when unused. A closet or linen cabinet is best for storage.

DON’T overuse – Overusing the reading pillow may damage its form. Similarly, using it as a sleeping pillow, or in any other inappropriate manner, will reduce its effectiveness.

DO check for wear – When the reading pillow starts to show wear, losing its structure or firmness, it’s best to refurbish it or replace it with a new one.

DON’T think one size fits all: A reading pillow often molds to its user, and may not work appropriately with others, especially those made out of memory foam.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reading Pillows

The following are some of the questions commonly asked about reading pillows and their answers. This will let you get to know about these products more.

Are reading pillows free standing, or do they need to lean against a wall or headboard? Wedge, triangle, orthopedic, and 3-part pillows are often free standing, while V-shaped and back and arm support pillows often need the support of a wall or headboard.

Will reading pillows work on the floor? You can use them on the floor, but it is not recommended to do so, as those are primarily made for bed use.

Can reading pillows be packed and transported? Make sure that the reading pillows are properly packed and not squished into the luggage. Otherwise, it would be best to leave it at home.

Does the reading pillow work on an office chair? Most reading pillows are thick and plush, and occupy a significant amount of space. It would be rather uncomfortable on any average-sized chair.

Will the reading pillow help me with my breathing or sleeping? While reading pillows can provide back, neck, shoulder and head support, it cannot claim to help with the breathing or sleeping as this is not its primary purpose.