Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a respiratory problem that prevents proper rest. Finding the best pillow for sleep apnea can help you sleep more comfortably and reduce the negative effects of the condition.

Pillows for sleep apnea help you sleep comfortably on your side or with your upper body slightly elevated. They increase the airflow to your body so you can wake up feeling more refreshed.

Pillow For Sleep Apnea Reviews

Bed Wedge Acid Reflux Reducing Bed Wedge Pillow


The Bed Wedge Pillow by NuWedge is made in the USA with high quality materials, primarily dense memory foam infused with gel. The wedge shape offers relief for sleep apnea, acid reflux and other sleep disorders.

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MedCline Advanced Positioning Wedge


The MedCline wedge is ideal for those who have difficulty sleeping on their side, which is the best position for conditions like sleep apnea. The wedge supports your upper body. It has an arm pocket to keep you in position.

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Sleep Jockey Premium Therapeutic Grade Back Bed Wedge


The Sleep Jockey Premium Therapeutic Grade Back Bed Wedge is a luxurious pillow, which can alleviate back pain, sleep apnea or snoring. It comes with a free pillowcase made of premium soft 300-thread count Egyptian cotton.

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Memory Foam Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux. Visco Wedge Pillow for Gerd, Snoring


 The Memory Foam Wedge Pillow by Miracle Wedge is made in the USA with dense ECO Memory Foam. It provides firm support. It also eases respiratory problems and comes with a zippered pillowcase.

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SleepRight SRP244 Side Sleeping Pillow 


The SleepRight pillow is suitable for people who want a compact pillow, which helps improve breathing at night. It is an alternative to wedge pillows that can also support and align the head, neck and spine.

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Remedy Natural Pedic Folding Wedge Memory Foam Pillow


The Remedy Natural Pedic pillow is a full-size torso wedge for those who need to elevate and support their upper bodies. This position opens the airways of the esophagus while also providing relief for various sleep disorders.

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Bamboo By Relax Home Life – Foam Bed Wedge Bamboo Pillow 


The Bamboo wedge has two layers that provide both comfort and support. The base is a firm foam, preventing your head from sinking in, which will aggravate sleep disorders. The top is a 1.5 inch memory foam.

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Bamboo Orthopedic Contour Memory Foam Pillow


The Bamboo Orthopedic pillow is made with breathable fabric, which doesn’t trap heat, making it suitable for hot or warm environments. It relieves sleep disorders and neck pain by promoting better neck and spine alignment, facilitating better breathing.

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InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow


The InteVision Wedge Pillow is made with a firm base foam and topped with 1-inch memory foam layer. It provides stable, but comfortable elevation to the upper body. It helps alleviate respiratory problems and neck or back pain.

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Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow 


The Brentwood Home Zuma wedge can elevate your head and shoulders or your feet. It is a soft pillow with a gradual incline. It also comes with a removable stretch knit cover.

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Types of Pillows for Sleep Apnea

There are several types of pillows for sleep apnea. These pillows are designed to work for specific sleeping positions.

Contour pedic neck pillows: these are ergonomic pillows that provide support to the neck while giving it proper alignment with the spine and head during sleep.

Stomach sleeper pillow: this pillow is installed with a chin rest that can help give proper body alignment for people who have a tendency to sleep on his stomach.

Contour cloud cervical pillow: a type of contour pedic pillow that offers a sturdier and lower structure compared to the conventional contour pillow. This type of pillow corrects the position of the neck, head and shoulders during sleep to prevent the sleeping disorder.

Tempurpedic pillow: this pillow brings an additional feature to the normal contour pedic neck pillows. This pillow has a cooling gel that provides faster recovery from neck pain that comes with the sleeping disorder.

Memory foam knee pillows: this type is a good supplementary pillow to contour pedic pillows. The memory foam knee pillow aligns the legs, hips and spine to prevent lower body pains.

How does a pillow for sleep apnea work?

Sleep apnea causes difficulty in breathing during sleep. The most basic function of sleep apnea pillows is to help maintain the airway passage while sleeping.

Using this special pillow is a form of positional therapy. Among various cures for sleep apnea in the market, this type of pillow is the cheapest and most convenient.

This type of pillow can help cure the sleep disorder without any therapy or medication.  Instead, it encourages a proper sleeping position. The pillow maintains this ideal sleeping position by preventing the body from reverting to the supine position.

Sleeping in the supine position obstructs the body’s airway. The elevation of the head against a pillow elevates the tongue at a certain angle which blocks the air passage, causing the sleep disorder.

By opening the airways using this pillow, you can promote proper air passage. This pillow ensures that there will be little to no obstruction in the air passages.

Some of these special pillows are best used with a breathing mask for continuous air passage during sleep. This prevents the momentary stops in breathing caused by the sleep disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pillows For Sleep Apnea

The revolutionary features of sleep apnea pillows have incited the interest of the people. Several frequently asked questions can provide needed information to help decide on getting this special pillow.

What changes in sleeping pattern can be observed before and after using pillows for sleep apnea? In comparing the normal pillow to the this pillow, the latter makes every sleeping position more comfortable because it gives ample support to the most prone body parts during sleep.

What is the difference between memory and latex foams? These pillows are made of memory foam, which is sturdier than latex foams. Memory foams are relatively new and is most commonly used for specialized pillows with better ergonomic structure. 

What is sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by sudden and momentary stops in breathing. This disorder is due to the blockage in air passage brought by a wrong sleeping position. Snoring is the most common symptom of the sleep disorder. 

What is the best pillow for sleep apnea? Choosing the best pillow for the sleep disorder is a matter of assessing one’s own sleeping experience over secondary factors such as softness or texture. 

Can pillow for sleep apnea help in arm sleeping? Arm sleeping is also a sleeping position prone to sleep apnea. It also causes muscle strain and neck pains. Side sleeper pillow is a type of special pillow that is designed for arm sleepers.  It provides them better support and clearer air passage by aligning the head properly when side sleeping.

Advantages of pillows for sleep apnea

There are several advantages in using sleep apnea pillows over the normal pillows. These advantages are usually hinged on helping people have a better and healthier sleeping experience.

Removes snoring: this pillow removes the snoring problem that most people often ignore. Snoring has become a common sleeping reflex, but it is actually a sleeping disorder that indicates wrong sleeping position.

Cure OSA: these pillows are designed to solve obstructive sleep apnea, which causes the sudden breathing failures during sleep. Wrong sleeping position obstructs the air passage which eventually leads to a momentary stop in breathing.

Cure muscle pains: aside from curing several common sleeping disorders, this pillow can also cure muscle pains due to a wrong sleeping position. Neck pain is a common effect of sleeping in the supine position.

Multi-positional: although there are several types of this special pillow that are made for a particular sleeping position, most of these pillows are multi-positional in terms of its structure.

Soft or solid variety: there are also many options for this pillow based on one’s sleeping preference. It can come as soft or solid to help solve the sleep disorder without sacrificing comfort.