Best Pillow For Sitting Up In Bed

Beds aren’t just for sleeping. You can also sit in there to watch TV or work on a project. If you do these things every day, then finding the best pillow for sitting up in bed will make you feel more comfortable.

Pillow for sitting up in bed supports your neck and back. It eases stress placed on your lower back and puts you in a more natural posture, which is good for your comfort and your health.

Pillow For Sitting Up In Bed Reviews

Sports Coverage Ohio State Husband Pillow

This 19”x12” jersey pillow is suitable for sports enthusiasts. It is made of lightweight material (polystyrene). It is also available in different variants or different team jersey logos.

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Arlee Suede Lounger

This comfy oversized (36”X19”X24”) lounger is made of polyester material. It is eco-friendly and provides head and back support. It is made of a blend of recycled plastic material and polyester fibers. It is available in three colors.

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Arlee Bamboo Cut Plush Lounger

This medium-size bed rest is a good choice if you want to sit in bed comfortably while doing some activities like reading or watching TV. Its back portion provides enough support for the back while its armrest makes your arms feel comfortable.

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Greendale Bedrest Pillow

This stain and water resistant pillow works well if you want to sit in your bed. It is made of corduroy and nylon microfiber material. It also has recycled polyester material, boosting its firmness and comfort.

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Microsuede Pink Bedrest Pillow

This comfortable bed rest pillow is available in various colors. You can choose from brown, black, green, dark grey, grey, pink, light purple, taupe and red. It is made of 100% polyester material, offering support for the back.

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Crystal Fur Taupe Back Rest

This easy-to-carry and furry back pillow is perfect for watching television or reading in bed. It also provides good back support while playing video games.

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Brentwood Brushed Twill Navy Bedrest

This elegant bed rest pillow provides comfort and support for the back, neck and arms. You can use it to lounge indoors. It has a carrying handle so you can easily bring it anywhere you like.

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Sweet Home Ultra Plush Lounger

This luxurious plush lounger is available in 8 different colors. It is filled with microfiber, giving the right firmness and softness. You can use it as a decorative but comfortable addition to your bedroom.

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Shagalicious Lime Bedrest

This furry bedrest pillow provides good back and neck support. It has a top handle, making it easier to transport. It is available in playful colors, making it a nice gift idea for children and teens.

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Wavy Plush Bedrest Pillow

This wavy bedrest pillow offers both style and comfort. It is generously stuffed with filling material, thereby providing maximum comfort and support for the back, neck and arms.

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Types of Pillow for Sitting up in Bed

Support PillowsOriginally intended for women nursing their babies, the support pillow is designed to lessen back pain by fostering an environment, which stimulates proper spine alignment.

The support pillow provides the necessary reinforcement for the lower, middle and upper back, as well as the arms. It is often made of cotton and polyurethane foam, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

Bed Wedge – There are two orientations available for this pillow – long and short sides. This lets you flip the bed wedge to cater to different reclining angles.

The bed wedge is often made of memory foam, and comes with an adjustable and removable neck roll, thereby adding support to your neck and upper back.

Bedrest Pillow – This type is on the stiffer side of sitting up pillows. It is known for providing firm support to the head and back.

Bedrest pillows also have armrests that allow for better posture. It is often filled with foam shreds that you can mold specifically for your needs.

How to Select a Pillow for Sitting up in Bed?

Primary Purpose – When selecting a pillow for sitting up in bed, you must first take into account your own needs. Consider any recent surgery, medical conditions and physical limitations.

Special NeedsFor the elderly and infirm, a mechanized version of a sitting up pillow would work best. Some sit up pillows cater especially to nursing mothers while others are specifically designed for those with back problems.

Reclining AnglePillows for sitting up in bed come in various angles. Some are inclined to nearly as straight as sitting position, while others are inclined at a more lounged position.

Pillow Size – To achieve maximum comfort, it is advisable to check the pillow size. Tall or heavyset people should opt for sitting up pillows that can support their frame and size.

Filling Material – This one is responsible for the pillow’s firmness and comfortability. Sturdier pillows are often made of tightly packed material while softer ones are packed looser.

DurabilitySitting up pillows are expected to be used frequently, which is why you need to consider their durability when buying. Ensure the pillow’s quality by checking for wear and tear.

Advantages of Having a Pillow for Sitting up in Bed

Better Posture – One of the leading causes of back pain and spine conditions is improper position when seated. Soft seats, such as beds, do not provide the firmness that a chair usually does.

To compensate for this difference, a sitting up pillow provides an angle of recline and the necessary back, head and neck support. Specialized sitting up pillows also provides correction of posture.

Comfort – With a pillow for sitting up in bed, you will no longer experience unnecessary back and neck pain.  Sitting up pillows often come with arm rests or neck rests, thereby allowing further comfort and relaxation.

There are several choices in the filling material and fabric cover of the sitting up pillows. The right combination will give maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Convenience – The days of stacking countless pillows are over with a sitting up pillow. Achieve the perfect position without the hassle of trying several combinations of regular pillows.

Most sitting up pillows are portable. You can easily transport them while also allowing you to stay in your desired position anytime and in any place – even when visiting other houses or staying at hotels.

Tips for Using a Pillow for Sitting up in Bed

Select appropriate inclination – Find an angle, which is suitable for the work or activity you intend to do while sitting up. Some tasks need full uprightness while you can do the others when the pillow is reclined at a lower angle.

Prevent deformation – Avoid rolling, folding, or any other improper handling of the sitting up pillow. Deforming the pillow will lead to a decrease in its effectivity.

Use correctly – Using the sitting up pillow in ways other than its intended purpose will interfere the performance of its features. As such, the pillow will not be as helpful as it should be.

Avoid sharing – Most sitting up pillows are made of memory foam, and are created in order to adjust to its user. Sharing these pillows may render it less useful.

Proper storage – When not in use, store the sitting up pillows in a clean, dry place, or as per the instructions of the manufacturer to prolong its usability.

Evaluate regularly – Always check regularly whether the sitting up pillow is still appropriate for the current situation. Change its types and features when necessary.