Best Pillow for Night Sweats

When you have a health condition that makes your body release excess sweat, you can benefit greatly from the best pillow for night sweats. But which pillow is the best choice? This depends on personal needs and requirements.

Just because it’s labeled “cooling pillow” does not always mean it is. Check the material and make sure it can actually keep your body cooler and reduce night sweats. Consider the quality and firmness of the pillow before buying.

Pillow For Night Sweats Reviews

ViscoSoft SeasonSense Reversible Pillow


The ViscoSoft SeasonSense Reversible Pillow has an insulating surface for chilly weather. The reverse side, meanwhile, has a wave-flow cooling gel that keeps you cool during the summer or when you sweat.

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SleepBetter Iso-Cool Contour Pillow


The SleepBetter Iso-Cool Contour Pillow has 100 percent cotton cover. The cover contains microscopic PCM beads that can absorb and release heat. Its memory foam is of Visco Elastic material.

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Sobakawa Cloud Pillow


The Cloud Pillow by Sobakawa is made of breathable material that allows air to flow freely even during hot nights. The pillow has more than 10 million micro air beads that provide added comfort.

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HIO Sleep Cooling Gel Pillow


The HIO Sleep Cooling Gel Pillow has a memory foam side and a cool gel side. An incorporated hydrogel pad aids in keeping the temperature constant.

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LANGRIA Rectangular Dunlop Pillow


The LANGRIA Rectangular Dunlop Pillow is made of natural latex. It has plenty of micro holes and huge semi-hollow holes that provide better ventilation and air circulation.

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Relax Home Life Cooling Pillow


The Cooling Pillow from Relax Home Life has a memory foam side that conforms to a sleeper’s body shape. The other side is made of cool gel. It provides a much cooler surface for those who sweat while they sleep.

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Cosy House Bamboo Bed Pillow


The Bamboo Bed Pillow from Cosy House Collection has a high quality shredded memory foam. Its breathable cover with bamboo-derived rayon eliminates moisture and regulates body temperature.

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Ventry Convoluted Massage Pillow


The Ventry Convoluted Massage Pillow provides utmost comfort with its 100 percent natural Thai latex foam. The pillow can absorb moisture and promote better ventilation.

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HYPNOTIST Talalay Natural Latex Pillow


The Talalay Natural Latex Pillow from HYPNOTIST has a breathability system that involves micro pores and ventilation holes. The pillow is made of 100 percent natural latex.

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LANGRIA Cooling Gel Pad Pillow


The LANGRIA Cooling Gel Pad Pillow has a contour shape design. It is infused with a breathable cooling gel pad on the top layer to do away with body heat.

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How Pillows for Night Sweats Work

Cooling pillows are one of the most effective weapons for dealing with night sweats. It is highly recommended as a means for keeping up with the discomfort this condition causes.

Night sweats is a relatively common problem experienced by women. Caused mainly by hormonal imbalances, this phenomenon can cause immense discomfort at any time of the day.

One of the worst times to experience such episodes is right when you’re about to sleep. A lot of women get deprived of sleep because of the effects of night sweats.

The effects of lack of sleep can be very devastating. If prolonged, it can even lead to poor health. This is where cooling pillows come into the picture.

These pillows are made of materials that provide a cooling effect on the body. This cooling effect provides immediate relief, helping people get comfortable enough to sleep.

There are different ways in which these pillows are constructed. These differences would be explained in further detail in the later parts of this article.

The Different Kinds of Pillows for Night Sweats

Pillows for night sweats are found in different shapes and sizes. Each of these products is specifically developed for specific types of sleepers and has features that make them practical for some people.

Just like usual sleeping pillows, these pillows can be found in different shapes. There are pillow designs that are appropriate for specific sleeping styles (ex.: side sleepers, stomach sleepers).

These pillows can also differ from each other depending on their means of cooling. Some pillows make use of cooling gels, while others use heat-absorbing materials such as water.

There are some pillows that do not require refrigeration to provide cooling relief. Others would specifically require a period of refrigeration before they can be used.

There are also pillows that have reversible ends. One side of the pillow is the “cooling” side, while the other side functions like a typical pillow should.

There are other kinds of night sweat pillows available on the market. It is advised that you explore the market to see which one is best for you.

How to Shop for Night Sweat Pillows

There are a number of considerations you must make when looking for the best pillows for night sweats. Here are some important matters you must take note of:

You have to take note of the size of the pillow you’re buying. It must neither be too big nor too small. Otherwise, it can take away from its potential effectiveness.

You also have to check the firmness of the pillow. It should not be too hard that it’s painful to lie on and not too soft that it offers virtually no support.

You will need to check the quality of materials used in the pillow. You would want to get a pillow that’s built to last, even beyond your night sweat episodes.

You must also consider the cooling method used by the pillow. Perhaps just as important, you must also check if the pillow actually produces a cooling effect.

Remember, you deserve good-quality sleep. And, it all starts with getting the right pillow. Get the right cooling pillow and you’ll be on your way to a good night sleep.


After Getting the Best Pillow for Night Sweats, What Should You Do?

Getting your cooling pillow is just one step towards freeing yourself from night sweats. There are many steps you can take to better manage this condition.

In most cases, night sweats are self-limiting, often disappearing completely in a matter of months. It is all about learning how to cope with these episodes.

However, there are situations when the sweats simply refuse to go away. That would warrant a clinical investigation. This will allow you to better understand and treat the underlying cause.

It can be helpful if you keep your bedroom cool at all times. Keeping things cool will make your hot flushes more bearable and will help you get to sleep.

It will also be helpful if you do things that will help you relax. Breathing techniques, avoiding caffeine and smoking, and better stress management can help you overcome hot flushes.

Now that you know how to get the best pillow for night sweats, go ahead and find yours. That way, you can get back to properly sleeping once more.