Best Pillow For Neck Pain

For those who experience neck pain, finding the best pillow for neck pain may make a big difference to your sleep – even more than trying to change your sleeping position.

Pillows for neck pain are designed to improve the alignment of your spine, which can ease the tension in your neck and back. They are just the right shape and height to minimize bending or curving in your spine.

Pillow For Neck Pain Reviews

Neck Pain Relief Pillow


This pillow uses hot and cold temperature, which eases neck and shoulder pains. Pop it into the freezer for cold therapy or into the microwave for warm therapy. It is filled with aromatherapy herbal blend and flax seed.

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The Womfy Ear and Neck Relief


This neck pillow is made of memory foam and gel material. It is ideal for side sleepers. It also works for those with sensitive earlobes.

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Sleep Innovations Contour Pillow


This contour pillow helps in relieving neck, shoulder and back pain by relaxing your muscles. It is made of memory foam, which promotes proper spinal alignment.

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Coop Home Goods Pillow


This pillow is made of high quality memory foam, which caters to all sleeping positions. It is hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemical components. It provides comfort and support for your neck, shoulders and back.

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NeckZen Cervical Relaxer


This cervical relaxer gently relaxes your neck and shoulders in just a few minutes. It is ergonomically designed to support the curvature of the head and neck.

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CNBEYOUNG Memory Foam Pillow


This pillow is made of high quality and durable memory foam material. It has a hyperbolic design, which promotes better sleep. It comes with a removable cover made of soft and breathable material.

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Neck Hero Support Pillow


This pillow comes in three different sizes. Each size has a different type of firmness. You can choose based on your preferred firmness and feel. You can also use it as a lumbar support pillow.

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Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Pillow


This memory foam pillow has a KoolFlow technology, which promotes comfort and breathability. It conforms to the shape of your neck, thereby providing enough support and pain relief. It is recommended for any type of sleeper.

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 Mediflow Water-based Pillow


This water-based pillow provides comfort and support for the neck. It promotes better and deeper relaxation. You can adjust it based on your desired firmness for a more comfortable sleep.

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Gideon Shiatsu Massage Pillow


This massage pillow has 4 massage nodes that can help relax tight muscles. It also reduces stress by applying gentle warmth onto the area. You can also choose the degree of pressure it applies.

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How to Select a Pillow for Neck Pain

If you have been experiencing frequent neck pain after waking up, the perfect solution is to get yourself a pillow for neck pain. Here are some tips in selecting the right one:

Sleeping position – People who sleep on their back and stomach need thinner pillows, while those who sleep on their side should get firmer and thicker pillows.

Material – The material inside the pillow is important. Different materials serve different purposes, which will be covered after this segment.

Size – The pillow should be wide enough to have a comfortable area around and under your head and neck. This is especially important if you move around in your sleep.

Shape – A pillow that is much thicker or thinner in the middle will put you at an uncomfortable position, worsening neck pain. The ideal shape is one, which is higher around the neck area.

The pillow you buy should be especially shaped (usually curved) to support your neck while providing you with your comfort needs. It’s highly recommended to test it out before buying.

Types of Pillows for Neck Pain

Each type of pillow filling has its own unique advantage. Among the several types of pillow fillings, here are the ones that help with neck pain the most:

Foam – The firmer the foam, the better it works for neck pain. This is the most basic type you can get. You can easily obtain it in many stores.

Memory foam – This popular choice molds into the shape of your head, neck and back. It is versatile and great for any sleeping position.

Latex – This is the firmest pillow you can get. It repels insects such as dust mites and bed bugs, as well as mold. This makes it suitable for people with allergies.

Cotton – This is another good choice as they are quite firm, allowing for more neck support than fluffier types of pillows. They are also hypoallergenic.

Feather – These are soft, yet often firm enough to give the support you need. These types are the most recommended for a restful sleep.

Tips on Using Pillows for Neck Pain

Try using a feather pillowThese are fairly easy to get and easily adjust to the shape of your neck. As it flattens overtime, however, you need to replace it.

Pick one with a memory foamThese are specially designed to adjust to the shape of your head and neck, making it even more comfortable to use.

Change your sleeping positionAccompanied with the appropriate pillow, sleeping on your back or on your side is one of the best ways to sleep and avoid neck pain.

Don’t use a pillow that is too high or too stiffA pillow, which is too high will push you into an uncomfortable position. Those that are too stiff will only worsen neck pain.

If you sleep on your side, get a firm pillow, which is higher on the neck part. This allows it to fill the gap between your head and outer shoulder.

If you are riding a vehicle, you can get one of those horseshoe-shaped pillows for neck support. Just avoid getting one, which is too big that it pushes your head forward.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pillows for Neck Pain

To get to know more about pillows for neck pain, here are some of the frequently asked questions about them and their corresponding answers:

What causes neck pain during and after sleeping? Bad sleeping position and pillow combinations that put strain on your neck can cause pain and stiffness.

How can pillows relieve my neck pain effectively? By providing your neck and head with proper support, it can prevent and offer relief against neck pain.

Does my sleeping position affect neck pain? Yes, certain positions put more strain on your neck than others. That’s why getting the right pillow to “neutralize” your position is best in preventing neck pain.

What pillows should I choose for neck pain? Choose pillows that are best for your sleeping position. In general, they should not be too high or too low.

What is the best sleeping position to avoid neck pain? In general, sleeping on your back is the best position to keep your neck and spine rested comfortably.