Best Mattress For Platform Bed

Have you been having trouble sleeping? The mattress you’re sleeping on could be one of the culprits. We spend one third of our lives sleeping, so choosing the best mattress for platform bed is a decision we must take seriously.

Sleeping is the best time for our body to replenish energy levels and heal certain ailments. As such, you need to get a mattress that has durability and effectively provides comfort for every night’s sleep.

Mattress For Platform Bed Reviews

Best Price Memory Foam Mattress


The Memory Foam Mattress from Best Price Mattress promotes pressure relief and cool air flow. It has infused active charcoal, green tea extract, and castor oil to minimize odor.

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GhostBed Luxury Mattress


The GhostBed Luxury Mattress is made of premium latex. Its memory foam is gel-infused to lessen bodily pressure. It has a 7.5-inch high density core that provides ample support.

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Lull Memory Foam Mattress


The American-made Lull Memory Foam Mattress has three layers of high quality foam. Its memory foam infused with gel reduces pressure and keeps the mattress cool.

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LinenSpa Innerspring Mattress


The LinenSpa Innerspring Mattress has a comfortable fabric cover with a fire-resistant barrier. It is designed to be extra durable with the inclusion of heavy gauge tempered steel coils.

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Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel Mattress


The Bamboo Gel Mattress by Brentwood Home has a bamboo cover with New Zealand wool lining. It has gel memory foam that promotes spinal alignment and pressure relief.

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LexMod Aveline Twin Mattress


The Aveline Twin Mattress by LexMod is equipped with an open cell technology for a cooling effect. It has gel-infused foam plus a polyurethane foam base.

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Zinus Cloud-like Mattress


The Zinus Cloud-like Mattress has base support foam of high-density plus comfort foam. It also has a memory foam and responsive foam. Plant oil, charcoal, and green tea are infused to purge odors.

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Tuft & Needle Mattress


The Tuft & Needle Mattress is designed to provide pressure relief and a much cooler sleep. The mattress, which is equipped with bounce, also allows for the even distribution of body weight.

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DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Mattress


The DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams by DreamFoam Mattress has a premium base foam, memory foam, and gel memory foam. The components of this American-made mattress are also made in the U.S.A.

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Perfect Cloud Supreme Mattress


The Supreme Mattress from Perfect Cloud has an HD support foam base and air flow memory foam. It has a removable knit cover with a chic design.

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Basic Advantages of Platform Bed Mattresses

There are many things that make platform bed mattresses unique. Before you start looking for the best mattress for platform bed, it will be nice to take a look at these things.

The first thing that makes them unique is the absence of a box spring. This is possible thanks to the unique architecture of platform beds.

Because of this feature, you can find mattresses that have unique designs. There are no-flip, one-sided mattresses where all required features are contained within a single unit.

Because these mattresses are one-sided, they cannot be flipped when placed on a bed. Only one side of the bed is dedicated for accommodating those who will lay on it.

Platform bed mattresses are expected to perform well even when not placed in a platform bed. As long as they are placed in a hard, flat surface, you won’t have to worry about its performance.

Those are just some of the advantages of using platform bed mattresses. Use these and unlock the unique advantages a platform bed allows for your home.

Types of Platform Bed Mattresses

There are different kinds of platform bed mattresses available on the market, with each offering a unique set of advantages. Here are some examples of them.

Spring mattresses have a frame composed of multiple coils, topped with a layer of foam and fiber. They are generally not recommended for platform beds because of the absence of box springs.

Latex mattresses are mainly composed of latex, with some models fused with a little foam for added softness. They are considered ideal for use in platform frames due to its firmness.

Memory foam mattresses are widely considered as the most comfortable type of mattress out there. It contours to your body shape, providing ideal cushioning and support.

Futon mattresses are composed of layers of foam and fiber without springs. While they are very light, some may find this mattress to be too thin.

Water mattresses are quite heavy, meaning the platform frame should be sturdy enough for it. These mattresses, found in hardside and softside variants, feature superior comfort and support.

Major Considerations for Finding the Best Platform Bed Mattress

There are some major things to consider when you are shopping for platform bed mattresses. Here are some considerations that you should always take note on your search.

The weight of the mattress is always a major consideration, especially when it comes to platform beds. Its weight (plus the weight of the occupants) should be within the capacity of the frame.

The mattress should have sufficient support within itself. This is because the platform bed’s frame does not really provide additional support to the mattress’s foundation.

You should also consider the level of support that the mattress provides. You’ll want something that’s neither too hard nor too soft, and is capable of providing consistent cushioning.

The height of the frame when placed to the frame should be just right. A bed that’s either too high or too low can cause potential ergonomic problems.

Lastly, check the sturdiness of the mattress. It will be ideal if the mattress comes with a warranty that doesn’t void if used in a bed frame without a matching foundation.

Care for Platform Bed Mattress

Just like the frame, your platform bed mattress deserves to receive some TLC. Here are some tips you can use to prolong the useful lifespan of your new mattress.

First, you got to make sure that the mattress is designed for use with platform beds. Otherwise, the lifespan of your mattress can be significantly shortened.

You can also consider using a mattress protector. The ideal protector is both waterproof and breathable, while also providing resistance against dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and mildew.

Rotating your mattress every now and then can also help your mattress last longer. This will ensure even wear as your mattress goes up in age.

Lastly, your frame must be of the highest quality. An unstable bed frame can cause damage to your mattress. A center support leg can add much-needed support to a platform bed frame.

The best platform bed mattress deserves all the care it needs. Taking proper care of your mattress will ensure that you will get your money’s worth.