Best Lumbar Support For Car

If you drive every day or have back pain while driving, finding the best lumbar support for car is a great way to make driving more comfortable. It also takes care of your back.

Lumbar support is good for your spine’s health. It improves posture by keeping your back straight. This removes a lot of pressure from your lower back, thereby alleviating temporary aches and preventing long-term back pain.

Lumbar Support For Car Reviews

Desk Jockey Lumbar Support


This lumbar support can help ensure that your ears, shoulders and pelvis are properly aligned with each other. It also maintains the natural curvature of your back, thereby preventing strain and pressure.

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Viktor Jurgen Lumbar Support


This lumbar support acts as a support pillow and cooling seat cushion. It relieves back pain due to long hours of driving. It is breathable and you can adjust it based on your preferred position in your car seat.

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MedX Lower Back Support


This lumbar support is specifically made to support your lower back while you are sitting for a long time. It helps align your shoulders and hips, thereby preventing lower back pain.

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Duro-Med Relax-a-bac Cushion


This cushion is perfect for use at home, in the office or in the car. It helps in easing lower back pain due to prolonged sitting and long hours of driving.

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Eva Medical Lumbar Support


This lumbar support helps in easing soreness and numbness on your back and hips. It also relieves pain from various back problems. It is made of molded foam, thereby promoting proper spine alignment and sitting posture.

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Love Home Car Pillow


This car pillow has an ergonomic design, which prevents slouching, numbness and back pain. It can also improve blood circulation. It is made of molded memory foam, which supports the neck, shoulders and back.

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Sweet Relief Lumbar Pillow


This lumbar support cushion is made of high quality memory foam, which provides comfort and support for your back. It also has a breathable mesh material, keeping you cool and comfortable.

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Go Lumbar Support for Car


This lumbar support is made of mesh material, which promotes comfort. It aligns the spine and promotes proper sitting posture. It also eases lower back pain.

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Simple Posture Lumbar Support


This lumbar support can help relieve tightness and pain in your lower back. It promotes proper sitting posture, thereby preventing slouching. It has an adjustable back strap to position it perfectly on your office chair or car seat.

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Ziraki Memory Foam Cushion


This lumbar support cushion is made of memory foam, which supports the natural curvature of your back. It relieves pressure from your neck, shoulders and back. It has a cooling gel pad, which regulates temperature.

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Reasons to Have Lumbar Support for your Car

Are you experiencing chronic back pain, or just want to develop good posture? Maybe it’s about time you invest in a lumbar support pillow for your car.

Eliminates back pain – By giving your back firm support that most seats lack, these pillows can offer relief against back pain.   

Relaxes your muscles and improve circulation – The lumbar support pillow can do just that while at the same time, providing you with the comfort you need.   

Lets you stay comfortable while driving – Lumbar support pillows are ideal for long trips. These are also good for drivers who need to stay seated for the majority of the day.

Improves posture – It trains you to have good posture. It corrects your posture by letting your back stay in a comfortable and proper position.

Whether it’s for health and/or comfort reasons, you’ll surely enjoy having a lumbar support pillow. Now you can have relaxing, stress-free trips while improving your back health to boot.

Types of Lumbar Support

There are many types of lumbar support for cars. Most of them can provide cushion-type support. Find out which one is ideal for you in this brief overview:

Memory Foam – This is the most common type of pillow used for lumbar support. It reacts to the pressure while you lean on it, creating a sort of “mold” of your back.

Mesh – Though these types aren’t pillows as much as they are concave structures made of mesh, they provide just about the same amount of back support and posture control.

Inflatable – This type of pillow can be inflatable or self-inflating. It allows for a customized level of support as you can easily adjust its size.

Latex – These are ideal for those with allergies, as they repel insects like dust mites. Also, these are anti-microbial and similar effects with memory foam in that they adjust to the shape of your back.

Contour – This curved pillow is specially made to be shaped for back support. These are usually stuffed with buckwheat and memory foam or filled with water. 

How to Select a Lumbar Support for your Car

Because there are so many choices, it may be tough to choose a lumbar support pillow for your car. However, if you want to speed up the process, here are some points to consider:

Size – The pillow should be just the right size for you – not too big that it becomes uncomfortable, and not too small that it can’t even support your back.

Shape – If the shape of the pillow is too curved, it will do the exact opposite of providing comfort and improving posture. That’s why it’s recommended to test out the pillow before buying, if possible.

Type – There are several types of lumbar support pillow in the market. Each one has unique properties, making it easier to find the most suitable one for you.

Cleaning – How easy is it to clean the pillow? Since you’ll probably be using it a lot (regular use is recommended), it would be better to find one, which is easy to clean.

Most importantly, your lumbar support pillow should provide you with the kind of comfort and back support you need while riding your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lumbar Support

The answers may just be of use to you at one point, so here are the most frequently asked questions on lumbar support pillows:

How do I clean my lumbar support pillow? It depends on the material. In general, it is recommended to hand-wash them, instead of using a washing machine, which can damage the material.

Will lumbar support pillows improve my back health? By providing continuous support with regular use, lumbar support pillows can improve your posture and back health.

How do lumbar support pillows work? Most seats actually lack back support, so these pillows can help the back achieve a neutral position. It provides support with convex padding.

What kind of lumbar support pillow should my car have? At the very least, it should have straps to attach to the front seat of your car. The pillow you choose should be the one, which fulfills your needs.

Will lumbar support pillows alleviate my back pain? By providing a cushioning effect and supporting your back, yes. Some pillows even come with massage beads to soothe the pain.