Best Latex Mattress Topper

Buying a latex mattress topper is a good choice for people who have back pain but don’t want to buy a new mattress. The best latex mattress topper also increases your bed’s longevity.

Mattress toppers protects your mattress from absorbing sweat, dead skin, or other debris. The latex material is organic, durable and easy to clean, which makes taking care of your bed much easier.

Latex Mattress Topper Reviews

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper


Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper is made from natural latex. This two-inch thick offer from Sleep on Latex has anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant properties. It is both soft and supportive, making it suitable for any sleeping position.

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Organic Latex Mattress Topper


Organic Latex Mattress Topper is made by Organic Textiles. This mattress topper is free from chemicals. It has pressure point relief system that can help soothe backaches and body aches.

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Reversible Latex Mattress Topper


eLuxurySupply provides Reversible Latex Mattress Topper that has 2 different firmness levels: one side is plush while the other is firm. This 2.5-inch thick mattress topper suits couples or siblings who sleep together. This doesn’t transfer motion, so one user’s movements aren’t likely to disturb the other.

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Ultimate Sleep’s Natural Latex Mattress Topper


Natural Latex Mattress Topper from Ultimate Sleep has holes for air ventilation and back support. It is available in 3 different thickness levels (2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch). This has springy feel that matches the needs of heavyweights.

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Plush Talalay Latex Mattress Topper


Natural Comfort’s Plush Talalay Latex Mattress Topper is a 2-inch thick medium-soft product. It comes in different sizes to suit different needs. Back-sleepers are likely to benefit from this mattress topper.

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SleepWarehouse’s Natural Latex Mattress Topper


Natural Latex Mattress Topper from SleepWarehouse is 3-inch thick. It’s free from chemicals, which makes it odor-free. Those who have firm mattress for their back problems can benefit from this mattress topper.

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Extra Soft Talalay Latex Mattress Topper


Extra Soft Talalay Latex Mattress Topper is one of the offers of Cloud 9 Sleeping Comforts. It comes in 2-inch and 3-inch thick levels. It has springy structure that complements memory foam mattresses.

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Pure Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Pad


Pure Talaly Latex Foam Mattress Pad from Tally-O is a 3-inch thick, upholstered mattress topper. It has a non-skid bottom that keeps it in its place as you sleep. This mattress topper is a good option for those who prefer one that has an upholstered top similar to most mattresses.

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Latex Mattress Factory’s Natural Latex Mattress Topper


Natural Latex Mattress Topper from Latex Mattress Factory comes in different thickness levels (2-inch and 3-inch) and firmness levels (soft, medium and firm). There is also a suitable mattress topper for each mattress size. It is highly resistant against mildew and mold. This is for sleepers who tend to move a lot while asleep.

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Bio Sleep Concept’s Natural Latex Mattress Topper


Natural Latex Mattress Topper from Bio Sleep Concept is a 2-inch thick, beige-colored foldable mattress topper. This is easy to clean for its simple design. This suits side-sleepers well.

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Types of Latex Mattress Toppers

Natural Dunlop Toppers: These toppers, made purely with botanical latex, use the Dunlop method in production. Rubber sap is frothed, placed in a mold, then steam baked to create the topper.

With this method, the sediments from the froth sink to the bottom of the mold, making the bottom side firmer than the rest of the topper layer.

Talalay Toppers: The Talalay technique improves upon the existing Dunlop method of creating toppers. This procedure incorporates flash-freezing the mixture in a vacuum chamber before it is baked.

With this technique, the topper has a more consistent firmness. Despite the fact that there is less latex and more air in Talalay toppers, they often are more expensive than Dunlop ones.

Blended Talalay Toppers: In order to get the best of both techniques, the Blended Talalay toppers were created. The mixture combines around 30% natural latex with 70% synthetic latex.

Synthetic latex tends to be of low quality, but it is compensated with the natural latex component of the mixture. This method is perfect for creating a more inexpensive latex topper.

How to Select a Latex Mattress Topper?

Thickness: Choose a 1” topper for a fine-tuned increase in mattress comfort. Following this, 2” and 3” toppers modify the mattress considerably, while a 4” topper could nearly replace the mattress.

Type: The Talalay type of topper is the best for those who want an airier and less packed topper. Those seeking dense and firm toppers should look into Dunlop ones first.

Firmness: Toppers come in soft, medium, firm, and extra firm versions. Back sleepers tend to choose medium to firm toppers, while prone sleepers prefer medium ones. Side sleepers go with soft to medium toppers.

Size: Some toppers run lengthwise, allowing only one side of the bed to be modified. This is perfect for those who share mattresses with another person of different preferences.

Protection: Latex toppers have various covers and cases, which allow them to be washed or cleaned at the user’s convenience. Choose the best fit for the user’s preferences in this case.

Physical Needs: Consider any physical needs that the user of the topper would have. For extra back and limb support, a more moulding topper should be chosen.

Advantages of having a Latex Mattress Topper

Mattress Modification: People purchase toppers to soften a hard mattress, or to firm up a soft mattress. This brings comfort and pain relief to the topper users.

Durability: Most toppers can withstand even the weight of rather large users. Toppers are known to handle heavy and bulky loads without compromising its quality.

Climate Adaptation: Latex toppers can adapt to the current climate. On warm days, these toppers often adjust to cool the user. It also provides warmth during the cooler seasons.

Portability: Bringing the latex toppers to other places is possible due to its light weight. This prevents the trouble of having to sleep on too-firm hotel mattresses.

Less Disturbance: For those who share a bed with a partner who moves a lot in their sleep, the latex topper prevents the movement from reaching the other side of the bed.

Cleanliness: Latex toppers are antimicrobial, which is a great option especially for younger kids. It is also non-allergenic, except to those who are extremely allergic to latex.

How to Maintain a Latex Mattress Topper

Choose the Right Mattress: Ensure that the topper fits well with the mattress. A mismatch would cause not only in the degradation of topper quality, but also significant stress on the body.

Avoid Moisture: Latex toppers are naturally moisture-resistant and keeps the mattress inside out. However, extreme weather conditions may cause moisture and trigger the growth of mold and mildew.

Ensure Reasonable Temperature: While latex toppers are not easy to deform due to the temperature, electric blankets are discouraged when using these toppers to avoid distortion.

Use Appropriately: Latex toppers are to be used in coordination with mattresses, and not as individual pieces. Using the topper as a mattress will cause deformation and render it less useful.

Store Correctly: When not in use, store the latex topper in a cool, dry place. It should not be placed under direct sunlight or hung outside in any condition.

Rotate as Needed: Only rotate or flip the latex topper as recommended by the manufacturer. While most toppers would not need to be re-aligned, it is best to follow the product’s guidelines.