Best Knee Pillow

Do you have an injury or suffer from chronic pain? If so, then finding the best knee pillow may help you. These pillows, placed between or below the knees, benefit anyone with knee, hip, or lower back problems.

Knee pillows lessen the strain placed on your neck and back by keeping your hips aligned. They also help increase circulation in your legs by cushioning the side of your body, which is usually compressed.

Knee Pillow Reviews

Stuff4Life Knee Pillow

This knee pillow provides knee and lumbar support. It comes with a washable zipper cover so you can clean it easily. It is ideal for side sleepers and pregnant women.

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Cushy Cloud Knee Pillow

This memory foam knee pillow adjusts to the form of your legs, thereby promoting proper body posture. It provides firm support to the legs and pain relief. It comes with a washable cover.

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Cushy Form Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow

This knee pillow is made of memory foam cushion. It includes a travel bag and a washable cover. It also works as a knee spacer for pregnant women, thereby letting them enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

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MedX Knee Pillow

This multi-purpose knee pillow is made of memory foam material, which conforms to each body part. You can also use it as a leg rest and maternity pillow. It also offers hip support for those who are suffering from sciatic nerve pain.

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Growth Mindsets Knee Pillow

This knee pillow addresses various issues such as osteoarthritis, sciatica, scoliosis, lumbar spinal stenosis and back pain due to pregnancy and spinal misalignment. It is made from durable memory foam material. It includes a removable and washable cover.

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Hermell Elevating Leg Rest

This leg rest comes with a polycotton cover. It defies gravity to relieve leg and back pain. It also helps in relaxing the pelvis, and relieving varicose veins by improving circulation.

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Cushy Form Half Moon Bolster

This memory foam half-moon wedge works as a knee pillow and a leg rest. Pregnant women and post-surgery patients can also use it as a therapeutic pillow.

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Serenilite Contour Knee Pillow

This leg rest and knee pillow is made of polyurethane foam and gel infused memory foam. It is adjustable to suit your needs and relax various parts of your body.

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Milliard Leg and Knee Pillow

This knee pillow can reduce the pressure and relax the muscles in your knees and legs. It can also ease the pain in your joints, lower back, hip, ankle and legs.

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Deluxe Comfort Leg Wedge

This ergonomic memory foam leg wedge can help in reducing strain from various areas of the body. It provides support and comfort for the legs because of its memory foam material.

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How Does a Knee Pillow Work?

A knee pillow provides the perfect support on the knees and legs of people who sleep on their side. This is the main reason why it’s also often called the side sleeper’s pillow.

Basically, you need to place it in between your knees and legs, allowing enough gap in between. Its soft cushion lets you comfortably place one leg over the other.

Its main function is to align your body correctly as you lie on your side. Using a knee pillow ensures that you don’t twist your hips and legs.

It contours to the shape of your body to distribute pressure evenly. Its ergonomic design keeps your body relax and releases tension as you sleep.

Unlike regular pillows, knee pillows have curves that keep your leg from slipping off. Sometimes, they come with a strap for additional support, which is especially good for people with osteoarthritis.

They come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs or preferences better, but every knee pillow aims to give side sleepers a better sleep every night.

Advantages of Using a Knee Pillow

There are many reasons to replace the square or rectangular pillows that you put between your knees and legs with knee pillows.

Shape and design suits a side sleeper’s position better – Unlike pillows with flat surface, knee pillows fit your knees better, so it aligns your legs better, instead of simply raising one over the other.

Improves blood circulation – A correct side sleeping posture releases tension and pressure. This is a huge help in improving blood flow in your body.

Relieves joint pain – Knee pillows relax your muscles. It prevents the risk of straining or dislocating your joints due to long hours of staying in one position.

Alleviates backache and hip pain – Muscles on your back connect to the butt muscles. These muscles connect to the hamstring that then connects to the knee. This means that relieving knee pain also results to relieving back and hip pain.

Beneficial for pregnant women – It is recommend to lie on your side if you are pregnant. Tucking a pillow between your legs provides more comfort for uninterrupted sleep.

Types of Knee Pillow

There are several types of knee pillows out there for you to choose from. They usually vary in shape, size, and filling material.

Long pillow or body pillow – Its larger structure cradles your legs and keeps them from falling over. This is great for those who need more leg and body support.

Hourglass-shaped knee pillow – This sinks deeper in the middle to keep your knees and legs in place. This may be a good choice for those who tend to move around a lot when sleeping.

Knee wedge pillow – It looks like a pyramid, but a horizontally-elongated one. Back sleepers may use this type to elevate their knees.

Hypoallergenic knee pillow – Setting aside the pillow size and shapes, there are also knee pillows made of allergen-free materials (usually memory foam) that’s great for sensitive skin.

Inflatable knee pillow – This initially takes up less space, so it’s great for packing and taking to trips. This feature also allows you to adjust the pillow’s firmness.

How to Select a Knee Pillow?

Different types and brand of knee pillows look the same but are also entirely different. How do you choose the one that best suits you? Here are some tips:

Look for the right thickness – Go for one that is not thin (as you would like to keep your knees and legs adequately apart) but not too uncomfortably thick as well.

Consider its firmness or softness – Choose a firmer pillow so your legs won’t totally sink into it. This will also prevent it from easily losing its shape and thickness.

Check what material it is made of – Consider its durability, quality and what suits your needs. Ex. choose one that’s hypoallergenic if you easily get allergies.

Ensure the size and shape is a match for you (and your bed) – You definitely don’t want a pillow, which is too large if you have a single-sized bed. Also, be sure to understand the different types of knee pillow.

Be practical – As a general reminder, always check the price and quality of the pillow. Remember that quality pillows do not always have to be expensive, but the cheap ones may not always be good.