Best Eye Mask For Sleeping

Wearing the best eye mask for sleeping can be a great aid in getting enough rest. The darker your sleep environment, the more likely you will get a restful sleep at night and wake up feeling re-energized the next morning.

Using eye masks encourages a better night’s sleep and promotes a deeper state of calm and relaxation. When your eyes are relaxed and are blocked from light, you will gain all the health benefits that are linked to being well-rested.

Eye Mask For Sleeping Reviews

Simple Health Sleeping Eye Mask


The Sleeping Eye Mask from Simple Health Global has an inimitable gel insert that provides warm or cool therapy. It also has a unique two-strap elastic design that provides added comfort.

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Everest Essentials Silk Eye Mask


The Silk Eye Mask from Everest Essentials is soft and comfortable to wear overnight. This washable sleeping mask with an adjustable strap comes with earplugs and a travel pouch.

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CoolingTech 2 Pack Sleep Mask


The CoolingTech Sleep Mask pack provides two pieces of eye masks with extra huge eye cavities. The sleep mask has an adjustable Velcro strap and a 3D contoured design.

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ALASKA BEAR Silk Sleep Mask


The ALASKA BEAR Silk Sleep Mask comes with an adjustable headband, modifiable strap, plastic adjuster, earplugs, and facial mask. Both sides of the mask are made of 100 percent 19 momme natural mulberry silk.

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Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask


The Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask does not put pressure on the eyes because of its contoured shape and light weight. It comes with free earplugs, a carry pouch, and an e-book.

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PrettyCare 2 Pack Sleep Mask


The PrettyCare Sleep Mask pack provides two pieces of anti-bacterial masks. Each mask is slim at 0.6 centimeters thick. A silk pouch and two earplugs are also provided.

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Nidra Sleep Mask


The Nidra Sleep Mask is contoured and lightweight. It has deep, molded cups for the eyes so that the mask does not rest directly on the eyelashes and eyelids.

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ALASKA BEAR Blackout Eye Mask


The ALASKA BEAR Blackout Eye Mask ensures 100 percent light blockage because it has an added flap by the nose. It can fit any facial shape because of its soft-contour design.

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Sleep Master Sleep Mask


The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is soft, lightweight, adjustable, and durable. It has a cotton interior and a synthetic shell. The satin mask is hand washable and hypoallergenic.

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40 Winks Silky Smooth Sleep Mask


The Silky Smooth Sleep Mask from 40 Winks has a soft velvet interior and silk cotton padding. It comes with earplugs plus a CPAP face mask.

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How Do Eye Masks Work?

Finding the best sleep mask is essential to get adequate sleep in just about any kind of situation. So how does a mask help with sleeping?

According to a study, more than half of Americans are unable to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per day. One reason for this is the presence of excess light.

This is where products such as eye masks come into the picture. Its main function is to block off excess light from coming into your eyes.

Blocking excess lights induce good sleep in 2 ways. It prevents glare that makes it difficult to sleep and also facilitates the production of melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that’s linked to the human body’s natural sleeping patterns. Stimulated by dark environments, melatonin production facilitates the body’s sleeping mechanisms for sleep.

Using eye masks is significantly more affordable than other options such as sleeping pills. In addition to this, they are very easy to use and cause no adverse effects. 

What Should You Look For In Eye Masks?

Not all eye masks are created equal. You need to get the right one for your needs in order to maximize the benefits it may provide.

The first thing you must consider is the contours of the mask. Its dimensions and design must fit flush in your face for maximum effectiveness.

The next thing you should consider when looking for eye masks is your sleeping position. There are masks specifically designed for use in particular sleeping positions.

The next thing you must consider is the build quality of the mask. You’ll want to get a mask that is durable enough to last a long time.

Last but not least, you should consider your budget. There are premium eye masks that come with a load of features. There are also masks that you can get at a minimal price.

There are many things to consider when looking for eye masks. Taking note of them is crucial, as this device will help you get some good-quality sleep. 

Types of Eye Masks

There are different kinds of eye masks available on the market. Getting to know the available options will help you get the right mask for your needs.

There are masks specially designed for travellers. They commonly use materials aimed for maximum comfort, while still providing adequate light blocking. They also commonly come with a travel pouch.

There are also masks which main function is to block out as much light as possible. This is preferred by those who sleep in daylight or in rooms exposed to light.

There are also masks that are specifically developed for side sleepers. These masks are more flexible and have a more streamlined profile to reduce dislodgements.

There are even masks designed for those with puffy eyes. With a specialized gel layer inside, these masks provide much-needed relaxation for the eyes.

Sleeping masks come in all shapes and sizes. It is great to know that there just might be a mask that’s perfectly developed for your needs.

Tips for Finding the Right Eye Mask

There are different things I can recommend to you when it comes to eye masks. Here are some general tips I can provide for you.

Check the label and description of the mask you’re looking at. More times than not, it is already indicated there what the mask is designed for.

You can take a look at the materials used for the mask. Aside from being comfortable, it should not cause allergy or irritation to your skin.

Some masks also have special features that make them great for people with particular needs. Some can reduce facial wrinkles, while others make use of aromatherapy.

You can also check out product reviews, if there are any available. They give you an idea of how these products function according to those who used them.

Finding the right eye mask for your needs can be an adventure. Find the right one and you’re on your way to better sleep and a fresher you.