Best CPAP Pillow

If you have a CPAP machine, finding the best CPAP pillow will help you make the most out of it. CPAP pillows can help those who get mask leaks or have a hard time sleeping with a CPAP machine.

CPAP pillows make sleeping with a CPAP machine more comfortable. They help you position your body in the right way to prevent mask leaks. It keeps your neck and head stable at night, which is also good for your spine.

CPAP Pillow Reviews

Contour Products CPAPMax Pillow 2.0


The Contour Products CPAPMax Pillow is an adjustable two-sided pillow, which lets you choose between breathable, supportive memory foam and traditional plush fiberfill. Its shape is designed to accommodate CPAP machines. It comes with a hose tether.

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CPAP Pillow for Stomach, Side and Back Sleepers


This CPAP Pillow by Tru Contour is designed to prevent mask leaks while sleeping on your side. Its asymmetrical shape with side cut-outs provides ample space for the mask. It also reduces mask pressure for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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Hermell Products NC2210 Cooling Gel Memory Foam CPAP Pillow


The Hermell CPAP Pillow is filled with memory foam, which comfortably molds to the shape of your head and neck and relaxes the muscles. It features a gel layer, keeping you cool at night.

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CPAPfit CPAP Pillow


The CPAPFit CPAP Pillow by Pur-Sleep allows you to find the ideal thickness and firmness for you. It is adjustable and comes with a buckwheat hull and shredded foam filling that you can add to or remove from the pillow.

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5 Inch CPAP Pillow


The 5 Inch CPAP Pillow by Contour is for people who want a thick, substantial, and plush pillow with a space that can accommodate a CPAP mask. It is shaped to reduce the mask’s pressure on the face and prevent leaks and bruises.

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Liteaid Rest EZ CPAP Pillow


The Liteaid Rest EZ CPAP Pillow is filled with dense memory foam that cradles the head and neck while the hollow shape accommodates the CPAP mask. The Rest EZ alleviates neck or shoulder pain when sleeping with a CPAP machine.

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Miles Kimball C-PAP Pillow


The Miles Kimball C-PAP Pillow is filled with polyester. It has a unique shape, which can accommodate CPAP and Bi-PAP masks for people who prefer to sleep on their side or on their stomachs.

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Core CPAP Pillow 5 in Loft


The Core CPAP Pillow 5 in Loft by Core Products works with any type of mask. It is designed to let the mask hang over the side of the pillow and prevent compression while sleeping on your stomach or side.

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Science of Sleep SleePAP CPAP Pillow


The Science of Sleep SleePAP CPAP Pillow by Hudson Industries is a simple, polyester-filled pillow, which is suitable for those who want an alternative to memory foam pillows. It can keep their CPAP hose and mask in place.

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Blue Chip Medical CPAP PILLOW


The Blue Chip Medical CPAP Pillow is made in the USA with durable, hypoallergenic medical-grade materials. It is filled with polyester. It is specifically shaped to accommodate CPAP masks and prevent them from slipping, leaking, or causing bruises.

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What does a CPAP Pillow Do?

Prevent mask leaks

If you experience mask leaks, CPAP pillows can help you. They are designed to keep your mask secure without you needing tilt your head back or sleep in uncomfortable and unnatural positions.

Reduce pressure on your face

If you wake up feeling pain in your face, jaw, or neck, a CPAP pillow can reduce the aches. CPAP pillows support your head and accommodate the mask, so you don’t have to strain your neck to keep your mask in place.

Helps you sleep on your side

Some people are more comfortable sleeping on their back or stomach. However, those positions can worsen sleep apnea or other respiratory problems so it’s better to sleep on your side.

A CPAP pillow helps you sleep on your side. They keep your head and neck stable and providing and proper elevation to reduce the strain on your shoulders and neck.

Improve neck and spine alignment

CPAP pillows have orthopedic benefits. They promote proper alignment of the neck and spine, which open up the airways and help you sleep better and breathe better at night.

It helps you make the most out of your CPAP machine

Ultimately, you will be more comfortable while using your CPAP machine and get better quality sleep. This will make it easier to use your CPAP machine every night.

Types of CPAP Pillows

CPAP pillows come in a variety of shapes, fillings, and materials. Here are just some of the kinds of CPAP pillows you’ll encounter while searching for the right one for you: 

Contour CPAP pillows

CPAP pillows that contour to the shape of your head and neck are usually filled with memory foam, gel, or a mixture of both. These are the most common type of CPAP pillow. 

Buckwheat CPAP pillows

Buckwheat pillows look like normal pillows, but the filling is made of natural hulls and husks. They are usually adjustable, so you’ll be able to experiment with the height and density that lets you sleep comfortably with a CPAP mask.

Polyester CPAP pillows

For those who don’t like the firmness of memory foam or buckwheat, there are still options for you. These are simple pillows that are specially shaped to make room for the hose and mask

Wedge CPAP pillows

For severe cases of sleep apnea, even specially-shaped pillows might not suffice. Wedge pillows elevate your entire upper body, which makes it easier to sleep with the CPAP mask.

CPAP pillows for back or stomach sleepers

CPAP pillows for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs are flatter and don’t have the side cut-outs and other features designed for people who sleep on their sides.

How to Select a CPAP Pillow

CPAP pillows come in various shapes, sizes, and fillings. Here are some things to consider in choosing the appropriate CPAP pillow for you or your family member.

Pillow Loft

CPAP pillows generally have a high loft, or height. Unless you sleep on your back or stomach, avoid flat pillows and choose one that elevates your head slightly without causing neck strain.

The recommended loft is 4-5 inches, but depending on your height and size, this may be too high or too low for you. If you’re unsure, experiment with your own pillows to see what loft works for you before buying.


If you have little trouble sleeping with the CPAP mask and only want to prevent leaks, a simple polyester CPAP pillow will suffice. However, for those with neck or back pain, contour pillows are ideal.

A CPAP mask covers a lot of your face, so you’ll probably feel too hot or uncomfortable while wearing it, look for pillows with gel filling or padding. They don’t trap heat and have cooling properties that decrease perspiration. 

Sleeping position

It is preferable to sleep on your side when using a CPAP machine. However, if you strongly prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, then look for flatter CPAP pillows that are specifically designed for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CPAP Pillows

Do I really need a CPAP pillow in order to use a CPAP machine?

You can still use a CPAP machine without a CPAP pillow. However, CPAP pillows don’t just improve comfort; they also give you better posture and spinal alignment while sleeping, which is good for your health.

Are CPAP pillows firmer or softer?

CPAP pillows are generally more firm. This is because pillows that are too soft don’t offer enough support for your head and neck, which makes it easy for mask to slip off at night.

How do you clean a CPAP pillow?

Simply spot-clean them occasionally and wash the pillow cases as often as you need to. Most CPAP pillows don’t need to be washed often and should not be soaked.

However, if your CPAP pillow is filled with polyester, then you can treat it as an ordinary pillow and put it in the washing machine.

What is the best type of filling for a CPAP pillow?

They all have different benefits. Memory foam pillows molds to your head and neck and provides stable support, while polyester pillows are softer and less dense.

 Pillows with buckwheat filling don’t come in a variety of shapes, but they are still versatile. You can adjust the pillow’s height and density so you can use it to sleep on your back or side.