Best Contour Pillow

Do you ever wake up feeling sore in your neck and back? Or do you just want a firmer pillow to sleep on? If you do, then you can find the best contour pillow to improve your sleep.

Contour pillows will adjust to the shape of your body and keep your neck and spine stable and supported. This can alleviate pain while providing more comfortable sleep.

Contour Pillow Reviews

Coop Home Goods Queen Memory Foam Pillow


The Coop Home Goods pillow is ideal for those who have a hard time finding the perfect contour pillow for their needs. The pillow’s firmness can be fully adjusted by adding or removing its Visco Elastic Foam filling.

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PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel and Removable Case


The PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow is for side sleepers with neck pain, hot flushes, or have other problems sleeping at night. Its contoured design supports your body while the cooling gel layer keeps you comfortable.

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The ViscoSoft Artic Gel Contour Pillow is suitable for those who sleep in warm or humid temperatures. It is a memory foam pillow that has 2 lbs. of cooling gel to disperse heat and keep you cool at night.

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Sleep Innovations VERSACURVE Memory Foam Pillow


The Versacurve pillow by Sleep Innovations is ideal for those who toss and turn at night. The curved design can accommodate any position and the memory foam keeps your head and neck supported, giving you a good night’s sleep.

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Memory Foam Neck Pillow


This Memory Foam Neck Pillow by Perform Pillow is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic pillow, which eases neck and back pain, and disc degeneration problems. It is made in the USA with dense, high-quality memory foam, which retains its shape over time.

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Cervical Contour Pillow 


The Cervical Contour Pillow by Beverly Hills Polo Club is an orthopedic neck pillow, which relieves pressure and allows for proper spine alignment. Its advanced ventilation system keeps you cooler at night. It also features a soft, microfiber cover.

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Milliard Leg and Knee Pillow Contour Memory Foam


This Milliard Contour Pillow is for those who want the orthopedic benefits of memory foam for their legs and knees. It promotes natural alignment and relaxes hip and leg muscles. It’s ideal for easing sciatica, lower back and hip pain.

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LANGRIA Contoured Icy Cooling Fabric Memory Foam Support Pillow


 The Langria Contoured Icy Cooling Fabric Memory Foam pillow is designed to reduce neck pain by adapting to the natural curve of your neck. It is made with a special knitted fabric, which can regulate temperature and reduce perspiration.

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 Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow


 The Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow is suitable for those who sleep on their back or side. The open cell memory foam is a breathable material, which doesn’t trap heat. It molds comfortably to the shape of your head and neck.

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LINENSPA Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow


The LinenSpa Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow is filled with 100% polyurethane gel foam, which conforms to the natural shape of your head and neck. It also has cooling properties for added comfort.

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Types of Contour Pillows

Normal pillows provide a soft cushion, but they do not provide any support to vulnerable parts of the body during sleep. A contour pillow is a special pillow that gives this support to the parts of the body which are most prone to muscle pains.

There are two types of contour pillow: the head and neck pillow and the leg pillow. These pillows address different sleeping issues brought by a wrong sleeping position.

The head and neck pillow: this type of pillow gives support to the head and neck by giving it perfect alignment with the spine. It prevents several sleep disorders caused by normal pillows such as muscle pains and breathing problems.

Leg pillows: This, on the other hand, gives support to the knees. This type of pillow provides soft cushion to the knees for people who love to sleep on their sides. It also aligns the legs to the lower body to avoid back pain problems.

These pillows are also a good solution for people with breathing problems during sleep. Snoring is an indication that there is a blockage in the air passage.

Contour pillows are the cheapest solution in the market for solving various sleep disorders. This special type of pillow gives positional therapy, which is more efficient and convenient than other therapies.

Advantages of Contour Pillows

Benefits in using the contour pillow

There are several advantages of using a contour pillow over a normal pillow. Investing on this can help in sleeping better and solving longstanding sleep problems.

Inexpensive: These pillows provide a cheap alternative to medications and therapy for sleep disorders. Solving sleep problems using this pillow is a good first step to seeing the severity of a sleeping disorder.

No harmful side effect: this pillow only uses positional therapy to get the body in the optimal sleeping position that will promote better structural alignment to the body.

Durable: it retains its shape longer compared to most pillows. Contour pillows are made of memory foam, which is more solid than most latex foams on the market.

Comfort and support: it targets the neck in giving better comfort and support because it is the most abused part of the body when sleeping in supine position.

Having a better understanding of sleeping positions will encourage the use of contour pillows. People suffering from any form of sleeping disorder need to try this pillow to see if improper sleeping position is the nature of their sleeping problem.

How does a contour pillow work?

Contour pillows differ in function with the normal pillow because of their difference in structure and material. Knowing how it works along with the knowledge on proper sleeping positions will help in having better sleeping patterns.

This pillow is made with durable materials that can provide better orientation to the body during sleep. Its ergonomic structure has a special shape that fits the structure of the neck.

By having this pillow with a special neck support, the head will be in a perfect alignment with the spine which enables uninterrupted air flow during sleep.

It has a curved shape, which is derived from the spinal curvatures. These curves are designed to support the lumbar and cervical sections of the spine during sleep.

The same curves also help keep the neck and the lumbar area secure during sleep. This special ergonomic feature prevents the neck from overextending, which is the most common cause of muscle pains and sleeping disorders.

Orthopedics highly recommend contour pillow for patients suffering from various muscle pains. It gives support to the body by holding it in perfect position during sleep.

How to use a contour pillow

Contour pillows are simple and easy to use. However, wrong use can result to more adverse effects than using normal pillows. It can result to more painful muscle pains, soreness, and inflammation of the affected region.

The curved feature of this pillow divides the pillow into the thick and the thin side. The curvature is uneven to provide greater elevation to the neck region for proper alignment with the spine.

Therefore, the thicker side of the pillow is where to place the neck during sleep. Using the thinner side will create a gap between the neck and the pillow which gives tension to the neck muscles.

It is also important to note that this special pillow encourages side sleeping as the optimal sleeping position. Thus, the thicker side will bring support the neck when using this pillow during side sleeping position.

Using a leg contour pillow supplements the effect of the neck pillow for an overall good posture during sleep. It has a different ergonomic structure that gives the same support to the knees, hips and the lower back.

Placing it between the thighs decreases the strain on hip region by restoring its alignment with the lower back. Using it this way will relieve hip and back pains after sleeping.