Best Backpacking Pillow

People who love camping outdoors need equipment that can keep up with them. Getting the best backpacking pillow will ensure that you can sleep well under the stars and wake up energized and refreshed.

Backpacking pillows are designed to help you sleep comfortably on rough surfaces, in tents and on the ground. They give your neck and back enough support while still being easy to pack and transport in a bag.

Backpacking Pillow Reviews

ONWEGO Soft Top Pillow


This soft top backpacking pillow is lightweight and compact. It only weighs about 4 oz. You can also easily pack it in its own stuff sack.

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Instant Camp Lightweight Inflatable Pillow


This backpacking pillow is made of nylon material. It is ideal for travel because it is compact and lightweight. It only weighs 2.4 oz. It is also easy to inflate and deflate.

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ONWEGO Inflatable Travel Pillow


This backpacking pillow is available in 7 colors. It has a safety valve, which lets you easily inflate it and adjust its firmness. It is made of soft material. it also features a contoured design to offer comfort.

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PeakAttacke Versatile Pillow


This travel pillow is compact and lightweight, making it useful for backpacking. It is made of high quality materials. It has a contoured design, so it can fit with your head and neck.

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Your Hardcore Outdoor Inflatable Pillow


This inflatable pillow is made of polyester and PVC material, making it water-resistant and comfortable to use. It is easy to inflate and compress. It is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to carry anywhere you go.

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Ultralight Camping Pillow


This camping pillow is ultra-lightweight and compact. It is made of 50D polyester material to ensure durability. It has a smooth surface coating for comfortable feel and additional strength. It also has a free pocket LED light.

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Kuda Outdoors Travel Pillow


This travel pillow has an ergonomic design, which provides comfort. It’s available in two different colors. It self-inflates up to 50% and lets you adjust it to your desired firmness by simply blowing into the valve.

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Active Sportsman Self-inflating Pillow


This travel pillow is made of durable nylon material. It has internal memory foam, providing additional comfort. You can adjust it to your desired firmness. It is available in 4 different colors.

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Inspired Equipment Compressible Pillow


This backpacking pillow has internal memory foam, which offers additional comfort.  It also has a non-slip base. It is made of high quality polyester material. You can clean it up with just soap and water.

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Iyaya Travel Pillow


This travel pillow is designed for comfort. It has a contoured design to cradle your head and neck. It has internal plush foam for maximum comfort. It is lightweight and durable.

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Types of Backpacking Pillows

Backpacking pillows are also known as camping pillows. The different types of backpacking pillows are inflatable pillow, compressible pillow, and the hybrid of the inflatable and compressible pillow.

Each type of these pillows can be sub-divided further depending on the type of materials used during production. The raw materials for each pillow type differ from one another.

One type is the inflatable pillow. It can fit in a person’s pocket when deflated and folded. This is the cheapest type of backpacking pillow.

Most inflatable pillows are made with synthetic material. Synthetic materials are textiles that are made by man. Synthetic materials are cheaper than the natural fabrics.

Another type is the compressible pillow. Majority of these pillows used polyester material for its outer covering. The inside covering of the pillow uses urethane foam.

The next type is the hybrid pillow. This can be used as an inflatable pillow or as a compressible pillow. It depends on the backpacker’s choice what will he use.

How to Select the Best Backpacking Pillow

Determine which type of sleeper you are. Side sleepers need a pillow with more volume and firmer than any other pillow. This will help support the neck.

Back sleepers should look for pillows with average volume. Choose pillows that are firmer on the bottom part. This design will give enough neck support during sleep.

Stomach sleepers should consider choosing soft and flat pillows. A soft and flat pillow will make the neck stay more aligned to the spinal cord.

Mixed sleepers are sleepers that move a lot during sleep. This type of sleeper needs a pillow that is medium sized and a bit softer.

After identifying which type of sleeper you are, you can research online about the pillows based on what type of sleeper you are. Inflatable pillows are firmer pillows than the compressible type.

Read the pillow’s label. Some are made from synthetic materials that are durable enough to last for years but there are some that are poorly made.

Taking Care of a Backpacking Pillow

Proper care should be given when handling and storing a backpacking pillow. Take care of it as if it is one of your indoor pillows.

Avoid placing the pillow under direct sunlight. It helps to avoid the deterioration of the material especially if its outer fabric is made from cheap synthetic material.

If you opt for an inflatable pillow, you can wash it with mild soap and water. Hand washing it is recommended than putting it in a washing machine.

A camping pillow should not be left alone to be played by pets. Your pet’s teeth might puncture the pillow and destroy it for good.

Keep the backpacking pillow away from the reach of your children. Do not let them play with it to prevent the fabric from getting torn.

Do not put the backpacking pillow into the dryer or spinner to avoid it from getting torn especially if it is made from cheap synthetic materials.

Advantages of Buying Backpacking Pillows

It is recommended to buy a backpacking pillow for your camping trips. This kind of pillow is made primarily for outdoors. You will have a quality outdoor-sleeping experience with it.

It is ideal to buy a different pillow to be used only for camping trips. It helps to avoid spreading illnesses caused by bacteria and germs that exist only outdoors.

It can be stored in tight places. They are convenient when packing during camping trips because they do not use up much space in your backpack.

Some companies offer their customers an option to customize the design of their backpacking pillow. You can request for a specific design and they will adhere to your requests.

A backpacking pillow provides a good quality sleep when camping outdoors. It helps you get a comfortable and sound sleep because it is specifically designed for camping outdoors.

Most camping pillows are cheap but are made with strong synthetic materials. Many of the designs are durable enough to be used repeatedly for years.